How to hack wireless networks using Android devices

Do you own an Android phone and want to connect to a Wi-Fi network? If your answer is yes, then you are facing the obstacle of that network that may be protected or hidden, so read with us to learn how to hack a Wi-Fi network from your Android device.

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Can Wi-Fi be hacked from Android?

As long as you have an Android, therefore, you have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi simply if the network is open or with some steps and with the help of a network penetration program on the other hand. it is with you, which is your android phone.As for the method, we will tell you.
Let's agree that some people keep their Wi-Fi networks open and therefore hacking into said networks is very easy. All you have to do is

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings via phone and press the Wi-Fi sign twice to enter its settings, or open your phone settings, then Settings, then choose the Communications option, including the Wi-Fi option. Fi.
  • When you open Wi-Fi settings, your device scans for available networks, whether they are closed or open.
  • When you find the open network, just double click on it to connect to it, or on some Android phones, you can click once and then choose the connection option.
  • So, you have been able to connect from your Android phone to an open Wi-Fi network. In case the Wi-Fi is blocked, please follow us. We will not share how to hack Wi-Fi network for Android

How to protect and secure your Wi-Fi network from hacking

Numerous cybercriminals and attackers are simultaneously trying to get into your network and take control of your Wi-Fi connection as they do so. You should be aware that there are certain measures that you can take to protect your Wi-Fi network from being hacked, and here are some of those protocols for you to take into account in order to keep your network secure.

This may strike you as unsettling and perplexing at the time in your current state of mind.

Updating old software for the router or distributor

The outdated software on the router makes it an easy target for hackers who are attempting to get into your network. Because of this, you should check the website of the router's manufacturer to see if there are any updates available for the router's software and then apply the update if it is available.

Disable wi fi protected setting

This option is called Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and it allows access to the router network without the need to enter a password, which makes your router vulnerable to hacking, so disable the option either from the router's back panel or through the manufacturer's website and get the instructions

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