How to get rid of the effects of antibiotics

How to get rid of the effects of antibiotics, as antibiotics are medicines that doctors prescribe to patients with all types and types of infections, and it should be noted that antibiotics are dispensed to eliminate bacteria or germs that infect the human body, and these antibiotics of all kinds have side effects of It can be harmful to the human body, and through the following article, we will learn a way to get rid of the effects of these antibiotics.

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These are the medicines that the treating doctor provides to patients with a different type of infection, and therefore antibiotics are used as a powerful medicine in order to eliminate a specific microbe or germs that have infected the human body and managed to cause a disorder in the affected organ, which resulted in many different symptoms with the type of microbe Or the germs that may have caused the disease, and antibiotics work in general to stop the growth of bacteria and work to get rid of them, but there is something dangerous in these antibiotics because they do not distinguish at all between every type of harmful bacteria that may be the cause of the disease and the beneficial bacteria that benefit the human body in general.

How to get rid of the effects of antibiotics

Despite the benefits of antibiotics in eliminating bacteria and germs in the body, they cause harm to the beneficial bacteria in the body that benefit the human body, and among the most important things that must be taken into account about how to get rid of the effects of antibiotics are as follows:

  • Eat milk on a daily basis, as milk works to rebuild the beneficial bacteria that were destroyed by antibiotics, and it may take about thirty days, and therefore a person must eat two cups of milk per day.
  • Eat an apple on a daily basis because apples contain great benefits, as they contain pectin, which reduces side effects of antibiotics such as vomiting or convulsions.
  • Stay away from eating things that contain sugars, especially white sugar, as well as pastries that are made of white sugar, because they contain fungi that affect the body negatively.
  • Drinking water in order to maintain the body's system and its vital organs, as water helps to increase blood volume and facilitate the process of cellular detoxification, and antibiotics and toxic substances in the body can be eliminated faster.
  • Drinking yogurt daily because it contains millions of lactobacilli that help regenerate beneficial bacteria that have been killed by antibiotics. It is necessary to eat yogurt on an empty stomach to achieve maximum benefit.
  • Exercising constantly to increase the heart rate and respiratory system, and exercise helps the body to eliminate toxins and the effects of antibiotics.

Clearing antibiotics

Antibiotic effects don't disappear at a certain period, doctors said. Some believe that the problem and the antibiotic's effects end after the doctor's last dose, but this is not true. Long-lasting antibiotics. Each antibiotic has its own purpose, and its composition can determine its disposal period. Antibiotics in the body last two days.

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