How to get over your fear of being alone

We often hear the phrase “loneliness is fatal,” but we do not understand its meaning well. A person may feel lonely despite his presence in a crowd of people, and he may live alone, without complaining about anything. So when is loneliness a problem that must be alerted to? In this article, we will shed light on the concept of loneliness, its causes, consequences, and some tips to avoid it.

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What is loneliness?

It is a state of mind in which a person feels empty, sad, and isolated from others and the surrounding environment. He finds it difficult to communicate with others, which leads him to withdraw into himself, and it is one of the complex human feelings. This is because there is no single and common reason for it, as the reason differs according to different people and situations.

How do we overcome loneliness?

Overcoming the feeling of loneliness requires awareness on the part of the person to bring about change, and the following are some tips that limit this feeling:

Understanding and realizing loneliness

The first step to overcoming loneliness is realizing what you are going through and its negative impact on your life, the reasons behind this feeling and taking actual steps to overcome it. It is a temporary feeling that you can overcome with will, determination and patience. You may find it difficult and unclear at first, but once you start with this Steps You will notice the gradual improvement, and you will have an incentive to continue.

Tell family and close friends

Tell your family and close friends that you are suffering from this condition, and explain to them the reasons behind this if you have a clear reason, so that they can help you, and provide you with support, love and attention, because sometimes all you need is to talk about what is on your mind, and find a listening ear.

Change the way of thinking

Your thoughts are reflected in your mood, your behavior, and your reaction towards the situations that you are going through, and therefore whoever wants to control his life must first control his thoughts, and that is by defining them and then replacing them with positive ones, so that you have an alternative to every negative thought, and a stock of positive thoughts that you repeat to others. yourself over and over again until you master the skill of positive thinking.

Participate in volunteer work and community service activities

As participating in such works opens the way for you to meet new people, and helps you to form new friendships and relationships, in addition to acquiring different experiences in life.

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