How to examine the performance of an electrolytic capacitor

How to check the electric capacitor In this article we present the method of checking the electric capacitor in the simplest ways that should be known due to its direct relationship with the maintenance of electronic and electrical parts. When electrical capacitors contain two terminals, there are two types of them: polarized capacitors (has a positive and negative terminal) and non-polarized capacitors (does not have a positive and negative terminal). Follow this article with us to learn how to check the electrolytic capacitor step by step

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How to test an electrolytic capacitor

Checking the electrolytic capacitor may be done in a few different methods, the most common of which are as follows:

  • Utilize a DMM to examine the capacitor.
  • Utilize an LC meter to analyze the capacitor's performance.

Steps to test the capacitor using the DMM multimeter

The following procedures should be followed in order to carry out the procedure for testing the electrolytic capacitor using a multimeter:

  • Put the multimeter into operation.
  • Put the measurement probes, which are the red and black probes, in the ports that are designated for those probes. Ensure that the red probe is inserted into the port that is designated for resistance.
  • Position the scale switch of the gadget so that it is in the position for measuring resistance.
  • By connecting a resistor across the capacitor's terminals, you may drain the stored charge from the component.
  • Putting the red end of the meter on the positive end of the capacitor and the other end on the negative end of the capacitor, but if the capacitor is of the non-polarized type, there is no obligation on the position of the ends of the meter. This is done by placing the two ends of the meter probes on both ends of the capacitor.
  • You will see a reading for the resistance that begins with low values and quickly climbs to high values that may reach gigabytes or even the top number that cannot be read and displays as "Open Loop" on the display of the meter.
  • To determine whether or not the capacitor is functioning properly, just switch the polarity of the meter so that it reads backwards. If the resistance drops when you do this, it indicates that the electrolytic capacitor is dispersing its charge.
Check the capacitor with a DMM multimeter

Steps to check capacitor using LC Meter

In order to test the electrolytic capacitor, an LC meter is used, and the actions that follow are carried out:

  • Put the LC meter into operation.
  • Put the red and black ends of the indicator into their respective ports. These are the specified ports.
  • Position the scale switch so that it is set to a value that is greater than the capacitance value of the capacitor that is to be measured.
  • You will observe that the LC meter has read the capacitance of the capacitor, and the validity of the reading can be established by comparing it to the value of the capacitor's capacitance that is inscribed on the surface of the capacitor.

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