How to download a video from YouTube to a computer

How to download a YouTube video on a computer without programs, as we know that YouTube is one of the largest video platforms in the world and that many people want to download YouTube videos without programs, so many pioneers of social media platforms and some individuals are searching through many methods for how to download videos from YouTube without programs. Thus, El Geneina will teach us how to download YouTube videos to a computer without applications.

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How to download a video from YouTube to a computer without software

YouTube video download without software. Welcome, esteemed visitors.

This is the El Geneina website. Everyone knows that YouTube is one of the biggest video sites on the Internet, however YouTube does not allow downloads. The videos are on the site, so we use programs to download them, but these programs always carry viruses and cause problems on the computer or phone, so people don't want to use them and search for other ways to download them.

A YouTube video on a computer without programs, and before answering these questions, we will know what YouTube is, as it is an electronic portal through which users can publish their own video films for free, and all films can be watched through it for free.

Its content ranges from personal films to clips from well-known films, television reports, and others

. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and John Karim founded YouTube in 2005 in California.

Downloading YouTube videos without applications requires tools. Our theme will introduce them.

Snappea may be downloaded online, and the second utility is, VidtoMP3,, and SaveFrom follow.

What are the benefits of YouTube

YouTube has several perks. We will learn about the most essential of these advantages via our site and subject, which is that the YouTube application is not only free but also lucrative, as many consumers and subscribers may create an advertising on YouTube and promote on YouTube. It will appear before and sometimes in the middle of the video, produced by the customer or YouTube subscriber, and this view is considered wonderful marketing because YouTube has more viewers than any TV channel.

The most important features of YouTube

YouTube has several unique features. Our discussion will cover the most crucial traits. YouTube allows video animations. YouTube allows playback from a given time. It's notable.

YouTube's TV mode lets you watch it on the TV, and its inverse of the TV screen is one of its best features.

YouTube allows keyboard shortcuts and saves videos for later viewing. The download happens on the same page and may be accessed offline.

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