How to determine positive and negative blood groups

A 2019 CBS News study found just 66% of Americans know their blood type. In an emergency, these letters with positive and negative signals are vital. Find your blood type easily and accurately. Dayand Borg, chairman of the American Red Cross medical department, said most blood types are only compatible with a few others. Borg said incompatible blood transfusions are uncommon yet harmful. Fortunately, blood typing is simple.

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Ask your parents or your doctor

You should first check this information with your parents before pursuing any of the other techniques since it is likely that they have past medical records or knowledge that include your blood type.

Before pursuing any of the other methods, you should first verify this information with your parents.

Before attempting any of the other therapies, it is essential that you have a conversation with your parents about the material in this article. You also have the choice to speak with your primary care physician, who will most likely have this information in his or her file on your medical history.

blood test

Be careful to find out what kind of blood you have when you go in for the next blood test that you have scheduled.

You may check with the laboratory to see whether they have the information by calling them to find out whether or not they have records of any blood draws that have been performed on you in the past.

To make an order for a blood test, you should go to the office of your primary care physician or a health institution in your region.

Home blood test

You may order a blood testing kit for your house online and have it delivered to the location of your choosing.

This service is available for a fee.

This kit provides the user with everything required to complete a blood test, such as the needle and the test card that is required. In addition, the results of a wide variety of additional examinations that may be carried out in the comfort of one's own home can be obtained in a matter of minutes rather than in the span of many hours.

blood donation

When blood is given, it goes through a series of tests, including one that determines its blood type.

Following your donation, you will be issued a blood donor card, which will allow you to see the results of any tests conducted on your blood type.

It is a no-cost examination that lasts for a few of days.

If you have already given blood, you may be able to get your blood type tested on the website of the association or organization to which you have donated blood. This is especially true if you have donated blood more than once.

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