How to delete the app's cache on an Android device

Android phones may operate sluggish. Low storage capacity, operating system, or hardware faults might cause this problem. Clearing Android cache might address low storage space, which freezes or lags your phone. These programs conserve data to enhance browser and app performance. Your smartphone's data may grow and take up a lot of space, affecting speed. Clearing Android cache speeds up your smartphone.

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What is cache on Android?

Caching is a term that allows applications on your phone, such as games, social networking applications, browsers, and the like, to temporarily store data. This stored data is considered relevant to speed up loading times and improve the overall user experience.

For example, when you open Boomplay or a similar music player app on your smartphone, Boomplay can store your most frequently listened playlist. This way, the app will not need to load your playlists every time you start the music player.

Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Chrome, and many other Android apps store information in the form of cache data.

This data may include your search history, video thumbnails, images, fonts, and cached documents. This technology helps reduce redundancy that arises when the user must enter or retrieve information from the Internet too frequently.

The cache file only works with the program or associated program.

For example, Boomplay does not use any cache usage for WhatsApp.

Typically, once a part of the program or application decides that the cached data is no longer used, it gets rid of the attached cache files.

Caching is not only done on Android smartphone, this technology is also implemented on desktop (PC) browsers and other software. On an Android device, apps, websites, browsers, media players, and games use cache files to provide a faster and better user experience.

Caching saves the user a lot of time, as Internet quality and speeds vary from site to site. Ironically though, when mobile apps download massive amounts of data to an Android device, the process eventually slows down the device, especially if the phone doesn't have a lot of storage space to store the cached data.

Clear cache in Chrome app

Chrome is the default or preloaded web browser on Android smartphones. Like other browsers, it caches data to make your browsing experience faster.

Here's how to clear app cache data when you need to free up space on your phone or when Chrome isn't working right:

  • Launch the Chrome web browser app on your Android device
  • At the top right, tap the three-dot icon (More options) to access the dropdown menu
  • Click History > Clear browsing data
  • Use the date range option to choose the exact date you want to delete (if you want)
  • Click Cached images and files
  • Click on Clear Data option

Clear third-party app caches.

The app cache, like the browser cache, saves little amounts of information to speed up mobile app use. Cache data may cause phone slowdown or app crashes.

Thus, deleting app caches frees space and fixes malfunctioning apps. Six methods to erase app cache for any app:

  • Swipe down from the home screen to access fast settings.
  • Click settings.
  • Tap Apps & alerts.
  • Touch See all applications on your phone or a comparable capability.
  • Tap the applications you wish to remove cache.
  • Tap Storage. Clear cache
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