How to Create a Birthday Card on Facebook

This wikiHow teaches you how to wish a friend a happy birthday on Facebook. While there is no official Facebook app for creating a traditional card, you can use a Google Chrome extension called Birthday Buddy to schedule birthday posts so that you don't miss a friend's birthday. You can also post your happy birthday wishes on your friends' pages directly.

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Sending a greeting card on Facebook using an app

The following steps need to be taken in order to send a friend on Facebook a birthday card or a card for any other occasion using the Birthday & Greeting Cards app, one of the most popular greeting card applications available on the social network:

  1. Open up your preferred web browser and go to the page that contains your Facebook profile.
  2. In the search bar that appears at the very top of the Facebook page, type in "Greeting & Birthday Cards."
  3. Make your selection from the dropdown menu designated for Birthday Greeting Cards.
  4. In the new page's Apps section, locate the Birthday and greeting cards app and click the Use now button that is located next to it. This will display a screen that allows you to preview the app. There is a possibility that more than one program is mentioned, although the majority of them have the same functionality.
  5. View the pop-up about your privacy. If you use the app, it will let you know what information the greeting business will get about you from Facebook. You are required to provide access to your public profile on Facebook, but you are free to withhold information such as your friend list and email address if you so want. Click the Use Now button.
  6. Scroll through the available options, then click the Send this card button next to the thumbnail of the greeting card you want to send. It is possible that you may be prompted to register or log in if this is your first time sending a greeting card.
  7. Choose a recipient or a friend from your list of friends on Facebook to send the message to.
  8. Please put your customized greeting in the space given.

Other Facebook greeting cards applications and pages

Facebook greeting card applications include birthday and greeting cards. Others sell all-occasion greeting cards. Like the Greetings & Birthdays app, these additional applications are shown in Facebook search.

Tap the thumbnails in the app's search results to view more Facebook app cards. These applications also include a privacy screen.

Facebook-based firms provide greeting card creation. Research appears in Pages, generally Apps.

Type the company's Page name into Facebook's search area. Click this site's Pages thumbnail in the search results. Click the company's website link on the page or follow any other URL to see the cards.

Facebook Pages may deliver cards like applications. Preview cards, choose recipients, and choose a format on the company's website. Sites feature Facebook buttons to connect to friends.

Use the following search terms in the Facebook search field to open a few popular greeting card pages:

  • free greeting cards
  • Greeting cards app is free
  • 123 greeting cards
  • birthday cards
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