How to control mood swings

A person goes through difficult times during which he feels distressed and sad, and he is overwhelmed by negative thoughts that disturb his mood. Regardless of a person's desire to get rid of this feeling, it may haunt him for long periods. Writer Babova Ekaterina reviewed, in a report published by the Russian "FBR" website, a group of simple methods that help in adjusting the mood.

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Get plenty of sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the factors that lead to feeling tired and irritable. With this in mind, one needs to enjoy at least eight hours of sleep each night, in order to wake up in good health, and to ensure that he is in a good mood for the rest of the day.

And ignoring one's feeling of fatigue leads to exhaustion and loss of activity in the body, in addition to irritability; As a result, the individual is unable to entertain himself in any way.

In this case, it is necessary to take a break, stop working and cancel all tasks, go to bed earlier than usual, and get at least nine hours of sleep.

delicious meal

Eating food that you have refrained from eating for a long time because of the desire to obtain a slim figure or because of its exorbitant cost, or preparing a meal at home and sharing with friends a delicious dish; One of the factors that modify mood.

The irritable mood may be due to the body's lack of some necessary nutrients. Therefore, a balanced diet must be followed, and all the body's vitamin needs must be secured.

It can provide the body with a large amount of fluids, such as drinking red and green tea, which improves brain function.

Walking outdoors

One of the ways that helps to adjust the mood and enhance the energy in the body, and get rid of the feeling of fatigue; Take a walk in the open air, or take a short walk away from the workplace and the noise of the city.

In general, hiking in nature helps to adjust the mood and charge the body with positive energy that enables it to deal with all circumstances.

Doing different activities

With the onset of autumn, many people feel frustrated and sad, which should be eliminated, given its negative impact on our mood.

In this context, it is recommended to practice many activities such as reading books, which is the best way to get rid of the feeling of emptiness.

Mostly, reading is a journey to different worlds, and creates within a person multiple feelings away from the real world and everything that disturbs his mood.

the shopping

It seems that shopping and buying new clothes is one of the things that helps to adjust the mood, as wearing new clothes is reflected in the psychological state of the individual.

And often one becomes ready to face the difficulties that may encounter him throughout the day and to carry out all his tasks.

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