how to check nol card balance in uae

Dubai's RTA NOL card offers a convenient means of payment for various public transportation expenses, including Metro, Bus, Tram, and Parking. Prior to using the NOL card for public transport, it is necessary to recharge it and maintain a minimum balance of Dh 7.5. Thankfully, RTA has introduced an online feature that enables users to easily check the available balance on their NOL cards.

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how to check nol card balance

Ensuring that you have a sufficient balance on your NOL card is crucial for a seamless travel experience throughout Dubai. With the provision of one-day NOL cards by the Dubai government, you need not carry cash at all times, enabling you to enjoy your journey without any hassles.

The NOL card is an intelligent card that allows individuals to make payments for public transportation and various other services in the UAE. In addition to public transportation, the versatile NOL card can be utilized for parking payments, shopping, and a wide range of other services. Many supermarkets and convenience stores in the UAE also accept NOL cards as a convenient payment method, making it an ideal choice for both residents and tourists.

There are multiple methods available for checking the balance on your NOL card, such as online checking via the RTA website, at metro stations, through the RTA mobile app, and even via SMS. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can easily stay updated with your NOL card balance.

The most practical and convenient approach to checking your RTA NOL card balance online is through the dedicated NOL Card balance checker on the official RTA website. This method offers the advantage of accuracy and up-to-date information regarding your card balance, without the need to visit any physical location. It serves as the go-to option for those who prefer checking their NOL balance online.

2. History of NOL Card Balance Check via the RTA NOL App
Additionally, the RTA provides a mobile app that allows users to check their NOL card balance. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Huawei devices, and after downloading, users can log in using their NOL ID to access their RTA bus card balance, review transaction history, and check their remaining credit. Follow the steps below for further information on using the app.

Step 1:
Log in to the app using your NOL user ID and password.

Step 2:
Click on the "Check Your NOL Balance" button.

Step 3:
Enter the card number located on the back of your NOL card in the NOL tag ID section and click "View Balance."
The Dubai Metro card balance and other relevant information will be displayed on the screen.
If your balance is depleted, you also have the option to transfer NOL card balance from other NOL cards.

how to check NOL Card Balance via SMS

how to check NOL Card Balance via SMS

In the event that you lack internet access or other available options, you can still check your RTA Metro card balance via SMS and obtain additional details about your last ten transactions. It is important to note that standard SMS charges may apply.

Step 1:
Register your NOL ID with your mobile number by sending your NOL card tag ID to 511 via SMS.

Step 2:
Once your number is registered, you can send the word 'balance' or 'BAL' to 511. This will provide you with your card balance and transaction history.

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