how to check balance in etisalat

Etisalat, a renowned telecommunications provider in the United Arab Emirates, offers a simple and efficient method for checking your account balance. Whether you are using a prepaid or postpaid SIM, this article will guide you through the easy steps to check your Etisalat balance, including both call and data balances.

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how to check balance in etisalat

To begin, it's essential to understand the distinction between call balance and data balance. Your call balance represents the remaining funds in your account that can be utilized for making calls, while your data balance indicates the amount of internet data remaining for your usage. It's also important to note the difference between prepaid and postpaid accounts. Prepaid accounts require you to recharge your account with a specific amount of money to make calls or use data, whereas postpaid accounts are billed at the end of the month for the calls and data you have utilized. The process of checking balances differs for both prepaid and postpaid accounts, so be sure to follow the relevant steps for your account type.

  1. Dial *121# USSD Code:

To check your balance via a phone call, simply dial *121# from your Etisalat mobile number. You will receive a message containing your current balance information. This method is free and does not require internet access.

  1. Use the Etisalat App:

If you prefer checking your balance through the Etisalat app, start by downloading the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once installed, open the app and log in using your mobile number. Navigate to the "Account" tab, where you will find your current balance details.

  1. Login to the Etisalat Website:

To check your balance online, access your account on the Etisalat website. Visit the website and hover the cursor over the "My Account" option at the top right corner. Click on the sign-in option and enter your mobile number and password to log in. Once logged in, proceed to the "Overview" tab to view your current balance information.

Now that we have covered checking your call balance, let's move on to learning how to check your data balance.

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How to Check Etisalat Prepaid Data Balance?

  1. Utilizing the Etisalat App: To obtain precise information regarding your data balance, the Etisalat app proves to be a valuable tool, catering to both Android and iPhone users. Once the app is successfully installed, launch it and log in using your mobile credentials. Navigate to the dedicated "Data Balance" section within the app, where you will find detailed insights into your current data balance.

  2. Sending an SMS to 1010: Another convenient method to check your data balance is by sending an SMS to the designated number, 1010. Simply compose a message containing either "DATA BAL" or "DATA" and send it to 1010. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an SMS response containing the details of your data balance.

  3. Dialing *170# or *101#: USSD codes can also be employed to swiftly check your data balance. Dial either *170# or *101# from your mobile device, and the balance information will promptly appear on your screen, allowing you to stay informed about your data usage.

The aforementioned methods effectively cover data balance checking for prepaid customers. Now, let's delve into how postpaid customers can conveniently access their balance information.

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