How to change the size of the desktop taskbar in Windows

(Windows 10) gives you a lot of ways to customize your computer so that you can use it and change it to fit your needs. On computers running Windows 10, you can hide the desktop, change the rate at which the screen refreshes, change the background picture, and do other things. You can also change the size of an icon in Windows 10. In Windows 10, you can change the size of icons on the desktop, in the menu, and in File Explorer. There are several ways to change the size of an icon.

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How to change the size of icons in Windows 10

To change the size of desktop buttons in Windows 10, you can follow the quick steps below:

1. Right-click on a blank spot on the screen.

2. Choose View from the menu that pops up.

3. Choose between Large Icons, Medium Icons, and Small Icons, depending on what you need.

If you want more information or more ways to change the size of the desktop icons, you can read through the steps below. You will also learn how to change the size of the icons in the window and in File Explorer.

Resize desktop icons

Change Windows 10 icon size using any of the following methods:

First: context menu.

Right-click on the desktop's empty area and choose View to display the desktop icon resizing choices.

Select a big, medium, or small icon size. All machines' default icon size is average.

Your desktop changes instantly. Desktop icon spacing may vary, so choose the right icon size for your PC.

2: Settings app

Windows 10 users may modify icon size in Settings:

Go to System in Settings by pressing Windows + I.
View System Settings' left panel.
Select a size from the drop-down menu under Size and Layout in the Display Settings window.
Windows 10 icons, texts, and programs will be updated instantly.

If you prefer big or tiny icons for all your apps, choose the text size. If you merely want to resize desktop icons, use another approach.

If the size you want is not in the dropdown list, click on the Advanced scaling settings link, then under Custom scaling, enter the size you want for your texts and icons and click Apply. Changes will not be applied immediately, so you must register by clicking the Sign Out Now link under Custom Measurement Settings.

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