How to attract crows

Crows are very intelligent creatures, in fact they are one of the most intelligent animals around, and having a group - also called a flock or flock - of crows in your garden can be a useful addition. A small flock of crows can protect your plants from insects and other pests, and their large size makes them a deterrent to other birds of prey, such as hawks. You can attract crows and get them to come back quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.

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Attract crows to your garden

1 Remove from your yard items that may scare off crows.

Crows are easily startled by random noises, so things like bells, wind chimes, and even large, noisy gates can scare crows away.

X Research Source Crows are usually afraid of reflective surfaces that create random flashes of light with movement.

Scarecrows or plastic birds can be scary to crows at first, but they are smart and won't be fooled for long.

X Humane Society of the United States

2 Place the plastic crows in the garden.

If there is only one crow in your yard, others will want to follow it.

The crow should look natural and lively, because figures hanging upside down or looking lifeless, like Halloween decorations, will scare them away.

3 Use crow calls. You can either buy an electronic pager or try making a manual pager yourself.

There are a variety of different calls that crows use, and several will attract the nearest flock of crows to you.

Among the common calls are the attention call, swarm call, and distress call, all of which will attract curious crows to your site.

Communicating with a whistle is more difficult, but this can give you more flexibility in calling and communicating with the birds.

Place the whistle between your thumb and forefinger to create a cup-like shape around the end of the whistle. Instead of whistling, you'll need to snarl the call, as if you were clearing your throat. X search resources

Encourage the crows to return

1 Plan a regular feeding schedule after you start feeding them

. Crows are smart and will quickly learn that you provide them with food regularly.

Providing food on a regular basis is generally attractive to any wild animal.

2 Provide them with water. Put the water in small, shallow bowls for crows and other birds to drink.

You'll want the containers to be sturdy, making sure that any other cats or birds looking for water won't spill them easily.

Make sure to defrost the water during the winter, if you live in a snowy area.

3 Be patient. You may not be able to attract crows right away.

The food it offers can attract finches, bluebirds, and other small birds before crows.

You may need to spread the food out for several days before the crows can follow the baby finches and find your food.

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