how old is michael barrymore

The dying father of a man whose death was discovered in the swimming pool owned by entertainer Michael Barrymore more than 20 years ago says he can rest in peace knowing that he has done his best for his son and that he has done everything he could have done for him.

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how old is michael barrymore

Terry Lubbock, who earlier this year claimed he was suffering from terminal disease, has stated that he believes the truth regarding the passing of his son Stuart will eventually be revealed.

Mr. Lubbock, a retired toolmaker from Harlow, Essex, said in an interview with the PA news agency that he had "done my best now for my son." Lubbock is 76 years old.

"At last, I'll be able to sleep soundly. I have no doubt that the truth will be revealed.

Mr. Lubbock reported in February that his physicians had given him a prognosis that he only had a few months to live. He continued by saying, "My body is going down, and my mind, and I am starting to forget things."

The man, who is believed to be 50 years old and has not been identified by police, was taken into custody in Cheshire on Wednesday, according to the Essex Police, after "significant new information" became available. After that, he was allowed to go free on bond until the 12th of April.

michael barrymore

michael barrymore age

In the days following the arrest, the police have stated that they will get in touch with everyone who was present at the party. They have also issued a warning, saying "We know that not everyone was responsible for what happened, but someone was."

In March of 2020, Barrymore stated on ITV's Good Morning Britain (GMB) that no one who was at his house on the night of Lubbock's death is aware of what transpired there.

On March 31, 2001, the night when Lubbock died, he was one of nine guests at a party held at Barrymore's extravagant home in Roydon. Lubbock was 31 years old at the time of his death.

The results of a postmortem examination revealed that Lubbock had suffered extensive internal injuries, which led investigators to suspect that he had been the victim of sexual assault. In addition to alcohol and cocaine, the substances ecstasy and ecstasy were discovered in his circulation.

Barrymore was criticized for leaving his home soon after Lubbock's body was discovered floating in the outside pool, but the former television presenter, who became a household name for series such as Strike It Lucky, has always maintained that he had no part in his murder. Lubbock's body was found in the pool on the day that Barrymore left his home.

At the inquest that took place in 2002, Barrymore declined to answer some of the questions that were asked of him, but he did say that he could not jump in the water and try to save Lubbock because he could not swim, which is a claim that is contested by other people who knew the celebrity.

In 2007, Barrymore, his ex-partner Jonathan Kenny, and Justin Merritt, who was also a party participant, were detained on suspicion of sexual assault and murder, but they were later let go without any charges being filed against them.

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