how much the reality transactions today in Dubai

Data released by Dubai's Land Department (DLD) revealed that on Wednesday, Dubai's real estate

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how much the reality transactions today in Dubai

Data released by Dubai's Land Department (DLD) revealed that on Wednesday, Dubai's real estate market saw a total of 613 sales transactions amounting to AED1.82 billion. In addition, there were 103 mortgage deals worth AED975.3 million and 26 gift deals totaling AED915 million.

Out of the sales transactions, 544 villas and apartments were sold, totaling AED1.16 billion, while 69 land plots were purchased for AED656.79 million.

Regarding the mortgages, 87 villas and apartments were involved, amounting to AED828.99 million, along with 16 land plots valued at AED146.31 million. In total, today's real estate transactions exceeded AED3.7 billion.


Trina Solar supplies vortex

Trina Solar, a prominent global provider of photovoltaic and smart energy solutions, has announced the successful delivery of 800MW of 210mm Vertex modules to China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) for the Al Dhafra PV power plant located in Abu Dhabi.

The Al Dhafra facility, with a capacity of 2GW, is poised to become one of the largest single-site solar power plants globally. The plant has been connected to the grid since April this year, as confirmed by the company's statement.

Situated approximately 35 km from the capital of the UAE, the Al Dhafra plant is designed to generate power for 160,000 homes across the country. This feat is made possible by the deployment of around 3.5 million solar panels.

Trina Solar emphasized that its 210mm Vertex modules possess four key features that contribute to a low levelized cost of energy (LCOE): high power output, high efficiency, high energy yield, and high reliability. Notably, these modules have demonstrated exceptional performance even in extreme environmental conditions.

TÜV Rheinland conducted rigorous testing on Trina Solar's 210mm Vertex 600W+ modules in Saudi Arabia, which experiences a climate similar to the Al Dhafra region. The results showcased the modules' outstanding photovoltaic conversion efficiency and their ability to maintain optimal performance even in high-temperature scenarios.

Gonzalo de la Vina, President EMEA at Trina Solar, expressed excitement over the successful supply of 800MW of the cutting-edge 210mm Vertex modules for the Al Dhafra PV Power Plant project in Abu Dhabi. He highlighted Trina Solar's commitment to delivering high-power, high-efficiency, and reliable solar solutions that can thrive in the most extreme environmental conditions.

De la Vina emphasized the transformative impact of solar energy demonstrated by the Al Dhafra project's significant capacity and contribution to carbon reduction. He reaffirmed Trina Solar's dedication to their mission of providing "Solar Energy for All" and their ongoing efforts to drive innovation, superior performance, and sustainable growth in the renewable energy sector.

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