how many national parks are in the us

The United States' National Park System is a vast collection of 424 national park sites, spanning over 84 million acres. These parks can be found in every state, including territories like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.

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how many national parks are in the us

While there are 63 sites that specifically bear the title "National Park" in their names, such as the renowned Acadia, Everglades, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone, the National Park System extends far beyond these iconic locations. It encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, historical narratives, cultural sites, and recreational areas that aim to preserve and interpret our nation's past, inspiring visitors to learn and explore.

The system consists of 20 distinct types of national parks that fall under the protection of the National Park Service. These designations exist to ensure the preservation of these sites, unimpaired, for present and future generations to enjoy. Among the various types are those associated with American military history, including national battlefields, national battlefield parks, national battlefield sites, and national military parks. Other designations, such as national monuments and national historical parks, may also include features related to American military history.

National Battlefield Parks (4)

National Battlefield Site (1)

National Military Parks (9)

National Historical Parks (63)

national parks

What is considered a national park in the United States?

National historical parks, similar to national historic sites, commemorate important individuals and events in American history. However, national historical parks often encompass larger areas and may involve more complexity in terms of preservation and interpretation.

National Historic Sites (74)

In recent years, the most common designation used by Congress to authorize places commemorating significant persons and events in the nation's history within the National Park System has been "national historic site." These sites are typically preserved or restored to reflect their appearance during the period of their greatest historical significance. For instance, Manzanar National Historic Site offers visitors a glimpse into life at the relocation center during World War II through its reconstructed facilities. Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site showcases Val-Kill Cottage, furnished to reflect the later years of Mrs. Roosevelt's life.

As visitors explore the National Park System, they are granted access to a rich tapestry of natural wonders, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage, all meticulously preserved to ensure a deeper understanding and appreciation of our nation's past and its diverse beauty.

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