How do you raise your children?

Parents educate their children well, so their connection is healthy and does not put them at danger. Bad parenting may undermine children's personality and make them more prone to sadness, anxiety, and violence. Raising children is hard, and if parents fail, it may have terrible effects. How can parents practice good parenting?

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How do you raise your children?

Doctor Olga Sopra, a psychotherapist for children and adolescents, considers that the modern indirect methods of raising children are a great challenge for parents, as they must learn how to listen to the child and leave space for him to express his needs, and learn to relax in order to reach dialogue and move away from negative treatment of the child, as well as pay attention to the words he uses. you tell him Sopra reviews some positive parenting methods and how to use them with the child, including:

1- The style of respecting the child’s personality and firm authority:

Positive parenting methods aim to focus attention on the child's good behaviour.

Examples of a child's good behavior include getting dressed alone, cooperating with his brother, collecting his toys, and helping his mother tidy up his room. Examples of annoying or intolerable child behavior include crying, quarreling with brothers, screaming, refusing to dress, and tantrums. .

2- The method of praising and avoiding punishment and shouting:

Parents should choose appropriate, non-angry words that do not harm children emotionally or morally, and do not reduce their self-confidence, but rather reinforce their faith in their abilities and self-values.

3- The method of presenting multiple options:

Most parents are accustomed to using scolding, criticizing and shouting methods to correct their children's mistakes.

As for the methods of praise and encouragement for good deeds, they seem unfamiliar to them.

It is not easy for them to make praise a daily habit despite its simplicity, because of its importance in pushing the child to repeat good deeds.

4- The method of setting boundaries:

Setting clear boundaries makes the child feel safe, so things don't get out of control.

5- Education with reward and punishment:

In the event that the child behaves benignly, the parents decide to give him the reward, such as sweets, a walk, or buying a toy. For example: Tell your child that if he doesn't pick up his toys from the floor, you will hide them away from him all day and he won't be able to play with them. And don't forget to follow up, did he pick it up or didn't care? Then don't give up and back down if your child decides to pick her up too late.

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