how can i change mobile number in emirates id

The UAE Government is actively promoting the vaccination campaign and urging all residents and citizens to get vaccinated. When you register on the DHA app, you'll notice the requirement of an MRN number, which necessitates receiving an OTP on the mobile number associated with your Emirates ID.

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how can i change mobile number in emirates id

Numerous Emirates IDs are linked to phone numbers of the HR department or the PRO involved, leading to confusion when determining the actual owner of the phone number.

To avoid such confusion, it's advisable to apply for a personal phone number linked to your Emirates ID. The ICA provides convenient online Smart Services that enable you to make this change without visiting the Federal Authority. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of changing your Emirates ID-linked phone number effortlessly.

The file number mentioned on your resident visa, located just above your passport number, is essential information.

Dubai residents must select the 3 Sections Number when entering their file number, while residents from other emirates can proceed with the 4 Sections Number.

Provide your Emirates ID number.

Enter your name in English exactly as printed on your Emirates ID.

The Arabic name field will be automatically filled.

Fill in your passport number.

Select your date of birth according to the one listed on your passport.

Enter the last date of entry into the UAE as stamped on your passport.

Email: Provide your email address.

Once you complete the form, an additional form will appear below it, where you need to enter your mobile number and a valid address.

Choose the option that indicates your registered mobile number. Enter your new mobile number here.

An OTP will be sent to the mobile number you provided for verification purposes. Verify the number, complete the captcha verification process, and click on proceed.


Review your application and verify all the details you have provided. Double-check everything to ensure accuracy.


After filling out the forms, you will be directed to a payment page. The fee for changing the mobile number linked to your Emirates ID is AED 52.10.

Once you complete this procedure, you will receive an email containing an invoice for the payment. Your phone number will be updated within 3 to 7 days.

You can check the status of your Emirates ID to confirm if the update has been made. If your application is rejected, you will receive a refund.



According to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), you must update any personal information within one month of the change. Visit any ICA customer happiness centre in the UAE with your original passport and Emirates ID to update this information.



Emirates ID holders are strongly advised to renew their expired ID within 30 days of the expiration date. After this period, a fine of AED 20 per day will be imposed, up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) will send you an SMS notification requesting you to renew your Emirates ID. You can submit your renewal application in person at an accredited typing centre or online through the FAIC website. To better understand the process, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to renew your Emirates ID.

You may need to visit one of the FAIC service centres to submit your biometrics. While UAE nationals can apply for Emirates ID renewals six months to one year before the expiry date, UAE residence visa holders can only apply for renewal when renewing or reissuing their residence visa.

Keeping your identity cards and documents up to date is crucial to avoid any fines or liabilities in the future. An Emirates ID offers several benefits, including

proof of identity and convenient travel. For comprehensive information about life in the UAE, from regulations to the latest developments, visit MyBayut, the UAE's top lifestyle blog.

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