hidden love ep 17 release date

Hidden Love, a captivating Chinese romance drama, draws its inspiration from the popular Chinese web novel titled 'Secretly, Secretly, But Unable To Hide It.

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hidden love ep 17 release date

' Helmed by director Lee Ching Jung and screenplay writer Shen Fei Xian, this series has successfully captivated the hearts of its fans with its heartwarming story and undeniable chemistry between the lead characters.

Actress Zhao Lu Si brings life to the character of Sang Zhi, while actor Chen Zhe Yuan portrays the role of Duan Xia Ju. The show also features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Victor Ma, Zeng Li, Qui Xin Li, Guan Zi Jing, Wang Yang, and many others, whose contributions have greatly enhanced the series. The story follows a classic romantic narrative, featuring a determined and courageous female lead paired with a considerate and protective male lead.

Exploring themes of age gap relationships, self-discovery, and acceptance, the show exudes warmth and coziness, leaving viewers with a wholesome experience. The story begins with a young Sang Zhi, deeply infatuated with Duan Xia Ju, her older brother's best friend. Determined to win his affection and secure a future together, young Sang Zhi puts all her efforts into wooing him.

However, even as a child, Duan Xia Ju fails to reciprocate Sang Zhi's feelings, aware of their significant age difference and considering her as his best friend's little sister, albeit one with a peculiar stalking tendency. The story progresses after a considerable time jump, revealing a grown-up Sang Zhi as a beautiful, mature, and intelligent woman ready to embark on her university journey.

Coincidentally, Duan Xia Ju is also studying at the same university, leading to their unexpected reunion. While Sang Zhi has seemingly moved on from her childhood infatuation, there remains an undeniable tension between them. Navigating their own personal growth, the complexities of their relationship, and their aspirations for the future, the two protagonists cautiously explore their connection. The series not only focuses on their evolving relationship, transitioning from friendship to romance, but also delves into their shared journey into adulthood.

hidden love ep 17

how to watch hidden love ep 17

The first episode of Hidden Love premiered on June 20, 2023, with subsequent episodes scheduled until July 11, 2023. Consisting of a total of twenty-five episodes, each episode runs for approximately forty-five minutes.

For viewers keen to keep track of the airing schedule, new episodes are released throughout the week from Monday to Saturday at 3:30 pm in China. Below are the air times in different time zones for fans worldwide:

- Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 6:30 am (the next day)
- Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 3:30 am
- Central Standard Time (United States): 2:30 am
- Greenwich Mean Time (United Kingdom): 7:30 am
- Indian Standard Time (India): 1:00 pm
- China Standard Time (China): 3:30 pm
- Japan Standard Time (Japan): 4:30 pm
- Korea Standard Time (South Korea): 4:30 pm
- Australia Central Standard Time (Australia): 5:00 pm

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