golo.com how much does it cost

There are numerous diets available, and one of the latest ones gaining popularity is the GOLO diet. However, what exactly is the GOLO diet and does it deliver on its claims? Let's take a closer look at the GOLO diet, including its meal plan, price, and level of commitment required.

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golo.com how much does it cost

Unlike other diets such as the keto diet or Mediterranean diet, the GOLO diet is not so much a specific way of eating but rather a structured diet plan. While there is some flexibility in terms of food choices, the GOLO diet requires the use of a specific supplement from GOLO, LLC, the company that developed the diet in 2009.

The underlying theory of this diet is to promote weight loss by enhancing metabolism through the reduction of insulin resistance, which leads to elevated blood sugar levels. The goal is to prevent health conditions associated with weight gain.

According to the company's website, the GOLO team consists of dedicated doctors, pharmacists, and researchers. However, only the CEO and president are specifically named, and they do not have medical or registered dietitian nutritionist backgrounds. The website does not mention any specific healthcare professionals involved in the development of the diet.

Certified functional medicine practitioner Vikki Petersen explains that the GOLO diet is intended for short-term use, with the goal of managing insulin levels to normalize metabolism and hormones. The program durations range from 30 to 90 days.

Unfortunately, the GOLO diet website provides limited information about the specifics of the diet itself. To access the materials referred to as the "Metabolic Plan," individuals are required to purchase the GOLO supplement called Release. The primary aim of the GOLO diet is to address and lower increased blood sugar levels caused by insulin resistance, which is associated with the development of cardiovascular disease. By addressing insulin resistance, partly with the help of the supplement, GOLO claims to accelerate metabolism and result in fat loss.

How does the GOLO diet work? According to GOLO, on their plan, you "stop dieting" and instead take the Release supplement, which they assert helps regulate insulin and prompts weight loss without the need for calorie counting or strict dietary restrictions. The diet does provide some food recommendations and discourages certain foods, which is common among many diets.

While the GOLO diet website mentions studies supporting the safety of Release and the efficacy of the GOLO diet for weight loss, it is important to note that these studies are either pilot studies or funded/sponsored by GOLO in some way, and the participant pools were quite small.

Those following the GOLO diet receive booklets outlining the metabolic program, which recommends consuming 1,300 to 1,800 calories per day across three meals, with each meal accompanied by a Release capsule. While the food guidelines are the same for everyone, the recommended caloric intake is determined based on factors such as gender, age, current weight, and activity level. The diet also promotes eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and grains while avoiding sugar and processed foods. It assures that individuals can still dine out while following the plan. Engaging in a minimum of 15 minutes of daily exercise is also encouraged.

Before starting any diet plan, it is important to consider any pre-existing conditions.

According to Melina B. Jampolis, M.D., individuals should consider certain factors like kidney function, especially if impaired, as high protein intake may not be suitable. Additionally, those taking insulin or oral medications for diabetes may need to adjust their medication as they lose weight or make significant dietary changes to prevent blood sugar levels from dropping too low.

The GOLO diet cannot be discussed without mentioning Release, the official supplement associated with the diet. It is worth noting that although the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-regulated laboratory, the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements and therefore cannot verify the safety or effectiveness of their claims. The Release supplement claims to promote healthy weight loss by increasing metabolism, balancing insulin levels, and offering additional benefits like improved energy, reduced hunger, and decreased stress and anxiety.

golo.com how much does it cost

How much does GOLO diet cost at Walmart?

The ingredients in Release include magnesium, zinc, chromium, Rhodiola extract, inositol, berberine extract, gardenia extract, banaba extract, salacia extract, and apple extract. These ingredients are generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

Vikki Petersen highlights that the amounts of many minerals and ingredients in Release are not substantial enough to have a significant impact or reverse mineral deficiencies. She specifically notes that apple extract, which includes fiber, is the last ingredient listed in the proprietary blend, indicating a lower concentration in the supplement. She adds that while maintaining optimal levels of these minerals is important, the formula does not contain any particularly special ingredients or weight loss stimulants.

It is important to exercise caution when taking dietary supplements, even if the ingredients are generally recognized as safe. This is especially crucial for individuals with pre-existing conditions like diabetes who are taking medications.

Dr. Jampolis advises individuals to consult with their pharmacist or physician to ensure the safety of any supplement they are considering. Natural does not necessarily mean safe for everyone, and supplements may interact with other medications or cause side effects.

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