Get a handle on the jealous feelings you have.

Feeling jerky? Preventing celos? Celos are negative feelings that may destroy relationships, no matter how strong. We're all affected by such situations, but we shouldn't let them become worse. en nosotros mismos, is importante buscar controlar los celos que sentimos y tratar de controlarlos para que no se reflejen negativamente in nuestra vida con nosotros mismos y con los demás, and las siguientes formas ayudan a controlar y deshazte de ellos.

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Acknowledge your feelings of jealousy

If you find yourself feeling jealous right now, admit what you're feeling before acting on your feelings, and take several minutes to think about those feelings, and don't try to deny them, such as naming our feelings and acknowledging them.

their existence of any kind helps us start to control them, and some signs that indicate that you feel jealous: you compare yourself with others a lot, and you always come out as a loser in those comparisons, and you spend a lot of time thinking about the things that others have that you wish they were yours, or feel sad and anxious, for example, when you see your best friend or someone you love spending time with another person.

Don't act on your jealousy when you're upset.

After naming your feelings and acknowledging their existence, try to calm yourself down so that you don't act on what you later regret, and realize that feeling jealous is normal in some situations, but what is not normal is acting on your jealousy, such as such as accusing your partner of false things because you are jealous of him, or offending him Acting with anyone without a reason, while if you notice the presence of these feelings and avoid any direct action and take a deep breath, you will notice that the feelings of jealousy started to go away, and then you can deal with those feelings in a correct and rational way, such as talking to the other person about what you felt.

Find your sense of security

One of the best things you can do when jealousy starts to take over is to focus on your inner strength and try to overcome the inner critic that increases feelings of jealousy and know that you don't need to love a specific person.

to be well, because that makes you feel calm and safe, so learn to empathize with yourself to face negative thoughts and inner criticism, taking care to communicate with others and not isolate them, but accept your life, friends and familiar as they are, it helps you deal with feelings of jealousy appropriately from the moment they arise.

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