Family purchases Dh3.4m Dubai villa after a decade of renting.

Settling Down in Dubai: A Family's Homeownership Experience , Ryan Aldrin, a 36-year-old expatriate from the UK, embarked on his journey of homeownership in Dubai's picturesque Jumeirah Golf Estates community.

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Inside the Homeownership Journey: A Family's Decision to Buy in Dubai

Living in a charming villa with his wife and two children, he works as a senior director of technology at Huda Beauty, a prominent global brand based in Dubai. After a decade of renting, the couple decided it was time to invest in their own property during the pandemic in 2020, enticed by the region's potential and their unwavering confidence in Dubai as a leading global hub.

Unveiling the Dream Home: Features and Choices

The couple's villa boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a maid's room with an en suite. With a captivating view of the community and a short walk to the golf course, the property offers a tranquil ambiance. Its enchanting wraparound garden, abundant with lush plants and trees, adds to the allure. The Tuscany/Mediterranean-style villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates exude a serene resort-like atmosphere, reminiscent of a golfing haven in Portugal or Spain. For the Aldrin family, finding the perfect home meant ticking all the right boxes, including wooden beams on the ceiling, a spacious garden, and a double garage.

A Calculated Decision: Evaluating Renting Versus Buying

Having rented for ten years and invested a substantial amount in rent, the Aldrins weighed their options carefully. The uncertain global real estate market during the post-pandemic period prompted them to contemplate staying in Dubai or relocating to Los Angeles. Eventually, they chose to stay in Dubai, confident in its potential for growth and stability. Their decision to buy their villa in Jumeirah Golf Estates proved fortuitous, as they purchased the property at a time when Dubai's real estate market was favorable. Despite some reservations from others, the Aldrins trusted their instincts and made a financially rewarding decision.

A Community of Unparalleled Luxury and Sociability

Jumeirah Golf Estates enchanted the Aldrins with its exquisite beauty and quality homes. The allure of the golf course, superb amenities, and social ambiance left a lasting impression on them. One unique feature that enhanced the appeal of their chosen community was the complimentary golf buggy that comes with owning a house in Jumeirah Golf Estates, fostering a sense of luxury and convenience. The well-appointed community offers a wealth of amenities, from restaurants and a cafe to a sports bar and two 18-hole golf courses. In essence, it is an idyllic and sociable haven for families and residents alike.

A Future of Stability and Investment

Owning their home brought a sense of financial security to the Aldrins, as they considered the long-term benefits of homeownership over renting. By investing in a property, they ensured that even in challenging financial times, they had the option to rent it out and generate income. With plans to stay in their villa for the next decade, the Aldrins have made a shrewd financial move that aligns with their vision of a stable and prosperous future. Additionally, they are exploring opportunities to invest in another property in Dubai, demonstrating their confidence in the emirate's real estate market.

Striving for the Perfect Home: Upgrades and Future Plans

The Aldrins have made selective upgrades to their villa, such as updating the furniture and retiling the pool. Currently, they are exploring the possibility of expanding their home by converting a spacious balcony into a walk-in wardrobe and en suite, further enhancing its appeal and functionality. With a clear vision of their retirement plans, they intend to continue investing in Dubai's real estate market, believing in its potential for growth and opportunity. However, they also exercise caution and consider market dynamics, ensuring their financial decisions are well-calibrated for the future.

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