Emirati employees approved for paid entrepreneurship leave

In a significant move towards fostering entrepreneurship, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has given the green light to the first batch of federal government employees eligible for the one-year Entrepreneurship Leave.

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Empowering Federal Employees: Abu Dhabi Approves Entrepreneurship Leave for Government Workers

These employees were carefully selected based on stringent criteria, including their length of service, performance evaluations, and the potential of their business ideas. This groundbreaking initiative, aligned with the Initiatives of the Next 50, aims to enhance the competitiveness of the UAE National workforce by motivating them to explore self-employment opportunities in the private sector.

A Path to Economic Empowerment: Abu Dhabi Encourages Self-Employment for Federal Employees

Through the Entrepreneurship Leave, the Abu Dhabi government actively encourages federal employees to invest in available job opportunities and establish and manage their own businesses, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the national economy. By providing a supportive framework for self-employment, the initiative empowers federal employees to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and make valuable contributions to the private sector.

Inclusion and Eligibility: Criteria for Entrepreneurship Leave in Abu Dhabi

The eligibility for Entrepreneurship Leave extends to all national and civil employees working in federal entities, except for those employed in federal government-owned companies, temporary contract workers, and part-time employees. To qualify for this leave, employees must meet specific conditions, including a minimum service period of five years in the federal or local government, a performance evaluation level of at least 2 or its equivalent, and evidence of having performed national service.

Financial Support: Salary and Benefits during Entrepreneurship Leave

Financially, employees on Entrepreneurship Leave will receive 50% of their total monthly salary, excluding bonuses and allowances related to their job responsibilities. It's important to note that the duration of the leave will be considered part of the employee's actual years of service, ensuring their continued participation in the retirement fund. This comprehensive support aims to alleviate some of the financial concerns and provide stability as employees embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Diverse Business Opportunities: Expanding Horizons for Entrepreneurial Ventures

The Entrepreneurship Leave program accommodates a wide range of business ventures, including online projects, individual start-ups with modest capabilities and costs, and even projects representing branches of companies located outside the country. However, in all cases, employees must possess the necessary licenses to practice their chosen activities or be in the process of registering and obtaining the required permits. This flexibility opens doors for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore diverse business avenues and pursue their passions with confidence.

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