Education in the Emirates for foreigners

The wise leadership in the Emirates has paid great attention to education since the establishment of the state, as the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul in peace,” developed well-thought-out plans and policies to support the educational sector. His Highness’s vision was that a person armed with science and knowledge is the real wealth. And the foundation of the renaissance of states. The stages of the development of education in the UAE witnessed a qualitative leap year after year, until it reached a distinguished stage in our time at the level of the region in general. The state allows the registration of children of expatriates in public schools according to some conditions that we will talk about in this article.

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Registering the children of expatriates in public schools 2023

Students who have a valid residency visa for the UAE have been eligible to enroll at the best public schools in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates since the year 2001. However, there is a charge involved and there are some requirements that must be met.

The Ministry of Education only allowed male and female inhabitants of the country to enroll their children in kindergarten.

However, they did enable enrollment for the first grade through the twelfth grade for a variety of other categories, including the following:

  • Citizens and sons of citizens who are citizens themselves and who possess a family book
  • Students who are in possession of an Emirates passport
  • Residents of nations that make up the GCC
  • An orphan who is cared for by a citizen after the death of his father, provided that the breadwinner and the trustee are the same person.
  • The children of parents who have decrees issued by His Majesty, the President of the State, or his Deputy are eligible to enroll in the school.
  • Those individuals who are in possession of diplomatic cards that were issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates.
  • (In accordance with the policies and laws established by the state,) children of expatriates

Conditions for accepting the registration of children of residents in government schools

Earlier in 2020, the ministry indicated that the registration mechanism for national students in public schools in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Emirates will be through an electronic link or through visits to public schools next to the place of residence, while registration of foreign students will be limited to registration through an electronic link. on the website of the Ministry Formal completion of the application.

Conditions for enrolling expatriate children in public schools include the following:

  • Stay in a country with a valid residence permit
  • To be an excellent student
  • The number of accepted students should not exceed 20% of the total number of students in one school and class.
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Registration fees for children of residents in government schools

In line with the most recent judgments and rules, the tuition charge for a public school education for expats is 6,000 AED each academic year. In addition, the guardian is required to sign an undertaking for the timely and complete payment of tuition.

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