Education in Saudi Arabia for foreigners

Saudi schools' foreigner policies. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers several services to its inhabitants and residents to help them live well and donate generously. Saudi Arabia also develops private sectors. In a manner that allows these sectors to provide outstanding services to all Saudis, including the education sector and the circumstances for foreigners in Saudi schools.

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Do public schools accept foreigners?

Saudi education has numerous distinctive aspects. Its efficiency produces generations with high educational outcomes. This consequence is applicable to Kingdom development. The Saudi educational system benefits inhabitants and citizens. Public schools welcome foreigners. Foreigners are admitted to public schools under certain conditions:

  • Saudi schools welcome 15% foreign students in the first three grades.
  • The district or governorate applies this proportion if it does not add teachers or classes.
  • This proportion excludes offspring of Saudi mothers with non-Saudi dads and Gulf Cooperation Council nationals.
  • Yemeni and diplomatic card-holding children are exempt.
  • After registering Saudis and everyone regarded as Saudis, foreigners with a valid permanent residency permit are prioritised for school openings.
  • After Saudis are deported in the first round, foreigners may register in the first grades of intermediate and secondary schools.
  • Foreigners are prioritized for academic places as follows:
  • Children of government contractors who were registered in government schools the previous academic year, with priority given to those born in the Kingdom.
  • New government contractor children from private schools.
  • Children of private sector contractors will be enrolled if places are available.
  • Foreign students must produce authentic academic papers to be admitted.

Study residing in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Education has established guidelines for registering foreigners and locals in Saudi schools. These guidelines govern student registration. Parents must also consider these. List of rules:

  • Foreign students must never surpass the entry age.
  • Dropouts are considered as failures.
  • The special education system follows the same regulations for studying locals.
  • Specialized schools do not accept students with degrees.
  • Without residency, they are not admitted at the start of the academic year.
  • Student paperwork and papers must be authorized and sealed by the authorities.
  • If desired in a situation, international pupils are not moved between schools.
  • The Ministry recognized the equality of homeschooled and dayschooled pupils in certain circumstances.
  • In the second round, pupils must retake the topic they failed.

Non-Saudi school enrollment

The process of registering non-Saudi students in Saudi schools has many advantages, but the most important is that it takes place electronically, which shortens many procedures and steps that would otherwise be required.

The guardian must first log into the Noor educational system.

He then registers a new guardian.

  • Complete all fields.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter all guardian details.
  • Add your phone number.
  • The system will SMS your phone.
  • Enter this message's password.
  • Account opening follows registration.
  • Click "New Student" to register.
  • Complete all fields.
  • Complete the registration procedure.
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