Dubai's Deira Clocktower Roundabout Undergoes Major Renovation

The iconic Deira Clocktower, a symbol of Dubai's history, is currently undergoing a significant renovation as part of the city's ambitious urban and economic development plans. The Municipality of Dubai announced the commencement of the roundabout's redevelopment in May 2023.

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Transforming Dubai's Icon: Deira Clocktower Embraces Futuristic Development

To showcase the progress of the renovation, Dubai authorities have released a video that captures the ongoing work on this timeless structure. The project aims to enhance the roundabout's aesthetic appeal and maximize its potential to align with the city's futuristic urban vision.

Deira Clocktower Revamp: Three-Month Project Enhances Landscaping, Lighting, and Fountain

The comprehensive revamp, spanning three months, involves various elements such as decorative landscaping, replacement of old flooring with durable materials, installation of multicolored lighting, and the rejuvenation of the fountain. Construction workers can be seen in the video, filling up the fountain area, while pipes are being installed and the flooring is leveled , While the surrounding city continues its fast-paced development, the restoration of the Deira Clocktower progresses steadily. The intersection of Umm Hurair Street and Al Maktoum Street remains the iconic location where the Clocktower stands, representing Dubai's rich heritage.

Preserving Dubai's Heritage: Deira Clocktower Renovation Aligns with Sustainable Urban Planning

Dawoud Al Hajri, the Director General of Dubai Municipality, highlighted the significance of this project, stating, "Dubai Municipality has formulated development plans for all prominent landmarks in the Emirate, including the Deira Clocktower roundabout, which stands as a remarkable memorial and architectural icon associated with the city. By preserving Dubai's historical and architectural landmarks and safeguarding them for future generations, this project aligns with the Municipality's objectives of implementing sustainable urban planning to enhance the city's appeal."

Dubai's Deira Clocktower Renovation in Line with Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

Al Hajri further emphasized that the project aligns with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This comprehensive plan outlines a detailed strategy for sustainable urban development in the Emirate, focusing on improving the quality of life, happiness, and global competitiveness of Dubai.

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