Dubai will host the Global Village 2023 Fair

Global Village is one of the unique places that allows its guests the option to shop, eat, and enjoy themselves all in one location. The list of entertainment venues in Dubai that draw visitors and tourists alike is very lengthy, and Global Village is one of the destinations that tops that list. Dubai.

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Global Village 2023 activities

The visitor wanders through the folds of history as the countries of the globe congregate in one location, trying to overcome distances, as they make their way from one section of the Global Village in Dubai to another.

This experience is similar to that of someone who has boarded a transcontinental train.

The village is one of the most important leisure and tourism destinations in the UAE because it hosts a wide variety of events and activities that attract people from all walks of life and nationalities.

These events and activities include the concert schedule for the Global Village 2023, as well as many games and various recreational activities such as theatrical performances.

performances, including those in the circus, performances at theaters for youngsters, and performances by itinerant troupes.

Asia Road

The debut of a new initiative called Asia Road was announced by Global Village for the 2023 Global Village season.

Asia Road is a pedestrian roadway with 43 kiosks from 13 Asian countries that do not have a wing in any of the 27 participating Global Village pavilions.

The stalls sell only authentic products originating from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Malaysia, Laos, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bhutan, and the Philippines.

All of the products have not been altered in any way.

The artwork and forward-thinking design of the participating countries, as well as some of the most well-known practices and traditions from across the Asian continent, are incorporated into the Asia Road project.

Global Village 2023

Offers and events

The purpose of the Global Village in Dubai is to showcase regions that are equipped with a variety of entertainment facilities. These facilities will include virtual reality games, physical and mental competitions, a variety of new and original games, and more than 40,000 entertainment and cultural acts. In addition, famous musicians and artists from all over the world go to the Global Village to provide live performances of their work, as well as to watch the spectacular fireworks display.

In addition to the Children's Theater, which showcases the most well-known activities that are appropriate for children, the presentations include a variety of one-of-a-kind performances that take place on the main stage and are put on by a collective of international artists from different parts of the world.
The presentations also feature fireworks and fountains on the weekends, in addition to cultural displays and popular shows that allow guests to learn about various cultural expressions from over 80 different countries while enjoying themselves.

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