Dubai: Schengen Citizens and the Online Visa Calculator

In Dubai, if you hold citizenship in any of the 26 European countries that are part of the Schengen area, you have the privilege of obtaining a visa upon arrival in the UAE. The good news is that you can make multiple visits to the UAE, as long as your total stay does not exceed 90 days within a 180-day timeframe.

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Dubai's Visa Policy for Schengen Citizens Simplified

To facilitate the process for visitors from Schengen countries and prevent any unintentional overstays, the General Directorate of Foreign Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) has developed an online tool known as the 'Schengen Visa Calculator.' This handy tool enables travelers to accurately calculate the number of days they can stay in the UAE.

Determining the Duration of Stay for Schengen Citizens in the UAE

According to GDRFA-Dubai, citizens of Schengen countries can enjoy a visa on arrival and are permitted to stay in the UAE for a maximum of 90 days within any given 180-day period ,This means that if you hold citizenship in a Schengen zone country, you can acquire a visa on arrival that remains valid for 180 days. During this period, you have the flexibility to visit the UAE multiple times. However, it's crucial to ensure that your overall stay, whether it's a continuous visit or spread across multiple entries, does not exceed 90 days within those 180 days.

Utilizing the Schengen Visa Calculator

Using this service is completely free of charge and conveniently accessible through the official GDRFA website - Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of the Schengen Visa Calculator:

Step 1: Accessing the Service on the GDRFA-Dubai Website

To begin, navigate to the GDRFA-Dubai website by visiting Once on the homepage, scroll down until you locate the service titled 'Schengen Visa Calculator (90/180).' Then, simply click on the red 'Start Service' button to proceed.

Step 2: Selecting Your Current Location

Depending on your circumstances, whether you are currently outside or inside the UAE, choose the appropriate option:

If you have visited the UAE within the past 180 days and are planning another trip, select the 'Outside Country' option. Enter your expected date of entry and provide the details of your previous entry and departure dates. After inputting these dates, a box will appear on the right side of the screen, displaying the number of days you have already utilized on your visa, as well as the remaining valid days. This information will assist you in planning your upcoming trip effectively.

If you have already visited the UAE within the past 180 days and are currently in the country on your second or third trip, choose the 'Inside Country' option. Enter the dates of your previous entry and departure, considering all trips made within the last 180 days. If you have made multiple trips on the same visa, click on the 'add more' option to enter the necessary details. Similar to the previous scenario, a box will appear on the right side of the screen, providing you with the number of days you have utilized on your visa and the remaining valid days. This ensures that you can plan your trip while staying within the allowed period of stay, avoiding any potential overstays.

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