Dubai Rowers Brave Storms, Reach Midpoint in Trans-Pacific

A daring four-man team from Dubai, named Brothers 'n Oars, set out on June 11 to tackle one of the toughest races on the planet - rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Paris Norriss, Barney Lewis, and brothers Oliver and Harry Amos embarked on this grueling journey with the goal of raising over Dh650,000 ($177,000) for marine conservation and military veteran charities.

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Title: Dubai Team Faces Challenging Pacific Crossing in Rowing Adventure

However, their pursuit hasn't been easy as they encountered relentless storms, towering 12-meter waves, scorching temperatures, and gale-force winds that battered their small 7.5-meter boat. For ten challenging days, they wrestled with the elements, making their way from Monterey, California, to Kauai, Hawaii.

Dubai Rowing Team Faces Perilous Storms and Enchants with Marine Life

Facing the unpredictable forces of nature, the team found themselves surrounded by magnificent blue whales, along with dolphins and sea lions when they began their journey from Monterey. Despite these awe-inspiring moments, the team had to endure difficult conditions. Mr. Norriss, one of the team members, revealed that they had to employ a power anchor as a submerged parachute to keep them secure during the worst weather. At one point, the situation became so perilous that they had to retreat to the cabin, unable to row through the night for safety reasons.

Resilient Dubai Rowing Team Overcomes Adversities in Challenging Journey

Despite the adversities, the team remained resilient and pushed forward. Their boat, fitted with a solar-powered freshwater machine and designed to self-correct in case of capsizing, offered them some comfort in this challenging journey. The crew's living conditions were basic, with two cabins for rest, meaning the members had to take continuous shifts while dealing with extreme mental and physical fatigue. Despite this, they remained committed to completing the crossing unaided.

Dubai Rowing Team Faces Challenges and Maintains Determination on Journey to Hawaii

After overcoming a particularly challenging spell, the team was rewarded with clear waters and beautiful skies, allowing them to wash their clothes and refresh themselves. Despite getting along well and maintaining excellent team spirit, waking up after only 90 minutes of sleep, following 12 hours of continuous rowing, proved to be the most arduous task. However, they remain determined to reach their destination in Hawaii within the 40-day target they set, knowing that the second half of the journey will demand just as much effort and dedication as the first.

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