Dubai Rent: Mum Pays Dh48k to be Near Chanel Store

Lucy Bradley, a seasoned marketeer and mother, has successfully managed to keep her rent below average in The Greens, thanks in part to her knowledge of tenancy rights. With 20 years of experience in the UAE, Lucy owns a marketing agency and properties outside the country. She pays Dh48,300 for her spacious and unique one-bedroom apartment, which she creatively transformed with the assistance of an interior designer. Lucy provided The National with an exclusive tour of her home.

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A Cozy Oasis in The Greens

Lucy's apartment comprises one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a balcony, along with a parking space. She cherishes the serene ambiance of The Greens, which she describes as a little oasis close to everything. The melodious sounds of birds and her son's bike rides to school add to the charm. Lucy moved to her current residence in September 2020, securing it at a bargain price of Dh39,000 during the height of the pandemic.

Strategic Space Utilization for Savings

Lucy considers herself fortunate, having been able to convert her one-bedroom apartment into a cozy two-bedroom setup while keeping her rent affordable. She credits this accomplishment to her strategic planning and the expertise of her interior designer. She emphasizes that clever utilization of space has been the key to achieving value for money. Although Dh48,000 for a one-bedroom apartment may not seem like a bargain, Lucy's creative approach has allowed her to make substantial savings while enjoying a good quality of life.

Choosing Convenience and Community

Before settling in The Greens, Lucy resided in a large two-bedroom apartment in Tecom (Barsha Heights). However, the size of the apartment felt excessive when her son wasn't around, leading her to seek a more suitable home. The Greens appealed to her due to its convenient location and serene surroundings. The area boasts an array of coffee shops, beautiful trees, and a peaceful atmosphere. The neighborhood's proximity to her son's school, her office in Tecom, and her ex-husband's residence further added to its appeal.

Personalizing the Space and Cost-Effective Upgrades

Upon moving in, Lucy was determined to save money while making her apartment feel like home. Employing the services of an interior designer, she creatively divided the space using drapes, effectively transforming it into a two-bedroom layout without altering any structural walls. She added shelves, wallpaper, and even wrapped the kitchen and plans to do the same with the bathroom. The upgrades amounted to approximately Dh15,000-Dh20,000, an investment that Lucy deems worthwhile.

Navigating Rent Increases and Leveraging Tenancy Rights

Lucy's success in keeping her rent low can be attributed, in part, to her understanding of the tenancy rules. A couple of years ago, the real estate company failed to increase her rent due to their lack of knowledge, resulting in a two-year freeze. When they attempted a substantial increase last year, Lucy objected, citing their previous failures to comply with the regulations. Ultimately, a compromise was reached. Lucy's experience and familiarity with Rera (Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency) have proven invaluable, allowing her to navigate legal challenges and protect her rights as a tenant.

Future Plans and Contentment

For the foreseeable future, Lucy intends to remain in her current apartment to enjoy the benefits of her investments and the improvements she has made. However, she acknowledges the possibility of moving to a larger place if her son's needs change. Nevertheless, she is determined not to settle for a residence that would require begrudgingly paying higher rent, as she believes it would negatively impact her overall well-being.

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