Dubai Rent: Couple Pays Dh118k for 2-Bed Home on The Palm

Shona Hind and her husband, Paul, have fulfilled their long-standing desire to live on Palm Jumeirah by renting an apartment there. Initially residing in the Shoreline apartments, which Paul helped build when they moved to the UAE from Britain 17 years ago.

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Exploring Shona Hind's Palm Jumeirah Apartment

the couple later transitioned to Marina Residences. They currently lease a two-bedroom unit that also serves as the headquarters for Shona's organic mosquito repellent business, Free Me Company. The National was given an exclusive tour of their home.

A Home with a View and Strategic Location

Situated on the seventh floor, Shona and Paul's apartment at Marina Residences holds sentimental value as their third renewal. The couple moved to Marina Residences from Shoreline primarily due to the more affordable rental rates at the time. The apartment boasts four bathrooms and a maid's room utilized for storage purposes. The location provides convenience for Paul's daily commute to Abu Dhabi and offers Shona a pleasant work environment, with views of Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis resort from her window and balcony.

Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood

Living on Palm Jumeirah had always been a goal for Shona and Paul, although they initially opted for communities more suited for raising their children. Paul's involvement in the construction of Shoreline apartments and his work as a scaffolder further influenced their decision to settle in the area. The couple particularly appreciates Marina Residences for its proximity to Nakheel Mall, Atlantis, and the picturesque crescent walk. The neighborhood offers a range of amenities, including marinas, restaurants, gyms, and swimming pools.

Embracing the Sense of Community

Marina Residences has gradually become a more sociable neighborhood, thanks in part to events organized by residents. Shona's friend initiated "meet your neighbors" gatherings, fostering a greater sense of community. The Strand, a new restaurant downstairs, served as the venue for one such event. Shona acknowledges that building a community requires effort, but the rewards are worth it.

Adding Personal Touches and Cherished Mementos

Shona and Paul have personalized their apartment with sentimental items and meaningful decorations. A balcony was essential to accommodate their beloved 16-year-old rescue cat, who recently passed away. They cat-proofed the balcony to allow her to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, they have incorporated their own furniture, curtains, and personal collections. Shona's father's gift, a drinks fridge, has accompanied them through each home, serving as a reminder of his support. Souvenirs from their travels and cherished family photos adorn the bookshelf, along with a large framed picture given to them by Shona's parents.

Renting Value and Considerations

The couple acknowledges the value they receive from their rental agreement, particularly due to the Rent Increase Calculator (Rera) capping system. Rent prices have increased in the area since they moved in three years ago. Currently, a two-bedroom apartment in Marina Residences starts at Dh180,000, whereas they initially paid Dh97,000. Despite the rising rent, Shona's business covers all the bills, as the apartment doubles as her office. She has found it more convenient to hold meetings in Nakheel Mall or at home for coffee, rather than renting a separate office space.

A Single Downside

While Shona and Paul appreciate the amenities offered at Marina Residences, such as the swimming pool and gym, there is one downside. Both facilities are accessible only by a flight of stairs, without an elevator or ramp. This limitation presents challenges for individuals with mobility issues or families with strollers. Apart from this drawback, the couple enjoys their home and the comforts it provides.

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