Dubai Radio DJ Experiences Greek Wildfires During Family Holiday

Ross Burill, a well-known Dubai radio DJ enjoying a vacation on a Greek Island recently struck by wildfires, expressed his gratitude towards local residents who courageously joined forces to combat the flames.

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Radio DJ Praises Public's Efforts in Battling Wildfires on Greek Island

Currently visiting Corfu with his family, Burill shared how the island's inhabitants, armed with buckets of water, have stepped forward to take action. Wildfires have been raging through several regions, including Croatia, Spain, Portugal, and Greece, exacerbated by a relentless summer heatwave and record-breaking temperatures. On Rhodes, more than 20,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes, with an additional 2,500 evacuations carried out on Corfu. Even the popular holiday destination of Crete witnessed the largest evacuation in Greece's history, with around 2,000 British holidaymakers returning on rescue flights.

Aerial Efforts to Contain the Blazes

In response to the wildfires, helicopters have been actively involved in the firefighting operations. These choppers have been unloading massive water buckets on ropes directly onto the flames, while planes have been swooping down to collect seawater before dropping it onto the fire-ravaged hillsides. Despite the flames' sporadic spread, Burill reassured that the situation was relatively under control, especially around the area he was currently located in. The locals on the island of Corfu remained unperturbed by the fires, considering them a somewhat common occurrence.

Minimal Disruption to Flights

The wildfire situation in southern Europe, including Greece, has not significantly impacted flight schedules from the UAE. Airlines have confirmed that flights to these regions will continue as planned. Flydubai's twice-weekly service to Corfu, for instance, remains unaffected, and Emirates has also stated that its operations to Greece and other parts of southern Europe are proceeding as normal.

Advice for Travelers

Travel agents in Dubai are advising tourists with flights booked to the affected region to maintain communication with their travel brokers in case any changes arise. While standalone flights are operating without hindrance, tour packages with longer stays may face concerns due to possible accommodation disruptions. Travelers should be cautious about their insurance coverage, as basic plans might not compensate for losses incurred due to wildfires or natural disasters. However, airlines usually offer flexibility for passengers wanting to change their destination in response to such events, often providing optional booking changes or refunds to accommodate travelers' needs and concerns.

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