Dubai Police Recover Dh250k Rolex from Palm Jumeirah Waters

In an impressive display of skill and determination, Dubai Police divers accomplished the seemingly impossible task of recovering a valuable Rolex timepiece worth Dh250,000 from the depths of the sea near Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai Police's Remarkable Dive: Retrieving a Lost Rolex from the Depths

. The police force successfully reunited the British tourist with his lost Rolex watch, which had slipped from his wrist during a yacht trip, Dubai Police confirmed that the watch, belonging to a British national, was discovered 38 feet underwater. The incident was reported to the Police Operation Room when one of the group members alerted authorities about the loss.

Lost Rolex: British Tourist's Dh250k Watch Slips into Sea During Yacht Excursion

According to the man's account, he and his friends were enjoying a yacht excursion when one of them went for a swim, wearing the expensive Rolex watch valued at Dh250,000. However, upon returning to the yacht, the friend realized that the watch had slipped off his wrist. Concerned, he immediately informed his friend about the unfortunate incident.

Dubai Police's Remarkable Rescue: Rolex Watch Recovered 38 Feet Underwater in Just 30 Minutes

Responding swiftly to the distress call, Dubai Police Maritime Rescue initiated an operation to comb the ocean floor. Despite the challenges posed by deep waters, poor visibility, and shifting currents, the dedicated divers managed to locate the timepiece buried 38 feet beneath the surface ,Expressing gratitude for the incredible rescue, Hamid Al Ameri, who accompanied the tourist on the trip, took to Instagram and posted a video thanking Dubai Police. In his post, he acknowledged their swift action and efficiency, emphasizing that the Dubai Police team retrieved the Rolex watch within a remarkable timeframe of just 30 minutes.

Dubai Police Divers' Heroic Efforts: Inspiring Commitment to Community Safety

The heroic efforts of the Dubai Police divers have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to protecting and serving the community, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Their exceptional skills and determination continue to inspire admiration and gratitude.

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