Dubai Police Dismiss TikTok Trucker Arrest Claims

Dubai Police have refuted reports from the US alleging that an American woman, Tierra Allen, was arrested merely for yelling at car hire staff. The authorities clarified that Ms.

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Dubai Police Clarify American Woman's Detention Amid Rental Dispute

Allen was detained after being accused of 'defaming an employee' during a dispute over car rental fees. A statement issued to The National emphasized that the reports circulating in the media present a distorted picture of the case. The car rental office had filed a complaint against Ms. Allen for slandering and defaming an employee, leading to her questioning according to legal procedures. She was subsequently released, pending the resolution of ongoing legal proceedings related to the incident.

Dubai Police Clarify TikTok Trucker's Detention Was for Alleged Defamation, Not Just Yelling

According to the UAE's Federal Decree-Law No 31/2021, Article 426, publicly insulting another person in a manner that may harm their honor or dignity can result in a possible sentence of up to a year in prison or a fine of up to Dh20,000. However, Dubai Police clarified that the detention was not solely based on her yelling, as previously reported, but was a result of the alleged defamation against the car rental company's employee during the altercation over rental fees.

Sassy Trucker's Detention in Dubai: Understanding the Context Clarified by Dubai Police

Tierra Allen, popularly known on social media as 'Sassy Trucker,' has a significant following on TikTok, boasting more than 180,000 followers. She shares videos of herself and her lorry, offering advice for women on dressing and maintaining a healthy diet while on the road. While the incident has gained media attention, it's essential to understand the accurate context of her detention as outlined by Dubai Police.

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