Dubai Police advise distracted parents not to lock children in cars

Dubai Police have issued a stern caution to parents, emphasizing the critical importance of not leaving children unattended inside vehicles. So far this year, officers have rescued 154 children found alone in cars, a sharp increase from the 118 cases reported in the first half of last year. Alarming statistics indicate that the number of toddlers left in vehicles, elevators, and homes within the emirate has surged significantly.

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Dubai Police Warn Parents: Children Must Not Be Left Unattended in Cars

Colonel Abdullah Beshwa, director of the force's Land Rescue Department, highlighted the life-threatening risk associated with leaving children inside locked cars, particularly during sweltering temperatures when proper ventilation is essential. He stressed that vulnerable children are incapable of protecting themselves, making such behavior entirely unacceptable and perilous for their safety and well-being. To safeguard young lives, he urged all parents and caregivers to exercise extreme vigilance and responsibility.

Dubai Police Warns Parents of Legal Consequences for Endangering Children with Smartphone Distractions

One of the main reasons cited for this concerning trend is parents being engrossed and distracted by their smartphones. Colonel Beshwa expressed concerns that the growing attachment to mobile devices causes some parents to overlook their children's presence, leading to dangerous situations. Leaving a child locked inside a car can quickly result in heatstroke and dehydration, both of which can be fatal , Dubai Police have taken a strong stance on the matter, warning that parents who endanger their children by leaving them in locked cars may face severe legal consequences. Under Wadeema's Law, a 2016 piece of children's rights legislation, guardians can be fined up to Dh1 million ($272,295) and may be sentenced to ten years in prison for neglecting their responsibilities regarding a child's safety. Cases involving children's deaths or severe illnesses due to negligence are referred to police and prosecutors for further legal action.

Dubai Police's Social Media Campaign Urges Vigilance to Prevent Tragic Incidents of Children Left Unattended in Cars

To raise awareness about this pressing issue, Dubai Police recently launched a social media campaign targeting parents. The campaign includes a poignant video portraying a mother unintentionally leaving her sleeping son in a car seat while attending to her daughter's shopping needs. Upon realization, she rushes back to rescue her son, highlighting the urgency of the matter , Colonel Beshwa also urged the public to promptly report any incidents of children being left unattended in locked cars. He emphasized that ensuring the safety of children is a collective responsibility, and everyone should play their part in protecting the young ones. Furthermore, he advised parents to check the back seats of their vehicles before locking the doors, as children may sometimes quietly climb inside unnoticed , The warning comes in the wake of tragic incidents from previous years, such as the discovery of a six-year-old boy's lifeless body inside a school bus in Dubai during scorching summer temperatures. Similarly, a two-year-old boy in Sharjah had to be rushed to the hospital and treated for severe heatstroke after being left alone in a hot car by his father. Such incidents underline the pressing need for vigilance and responsible parenting to avoid further tragedies.

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