Dubai Lifelong Stay: Woman's Birthplace Apartment

In a glimpse behind closed doors, My Dubai Rent offers an intimate view into the homes of residents, exploring the value they find in their rentals, the associated costs, and their personal preferences.

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A Lifelong Haven: One Resident's Unique Dubai Story

The transient nature of renting, be it in Dubai or elsewhere, usually means frequent moves every few years, as families and individuals seek new opportunities and experiences , However, Khwaish Adnani, a 23-year-old professional working in the real estate sector, defies this trend with an extraordinary narrative , Nestled in the heart of Bur Dubai, Khwaish and her family have woven their lives into the very fabric of an apartment they have called home since her birth , A significant sum of Dh100,000 annually secures their abode, a cherished place Khwaish describes as a "hidden gem."

Unveiling a Hidden Jewel: Khwaish Adnani's Home Narrative

Opening the doors of their three-floor triplex, Khwaish welcomes The National into her family's abode, revealing the intricacies that make it so uniquely special to them , "Where do you call home?" she muses. "I live in a triplex apartment in Bur Dubai and have done so since I was born. I live with my parents, grandparents, and my brother." , In a part of town that often defies such expectations, her dwelling surprises many with its elegance and charm, truly a treasure awaiting discovery , A symphony of three levels and five bedrooms, this apartment has always been Khwaish's cocoon, untouched by the frequent migrations that define her industry.

Navigating Dual Realities: Khwaish Adnani's Harmonious Balance

Khwaish’s professional engagement in the real estate sector brings her into close contact with the ever-shifting nature of Dubai's property landscape. Yet, as she looks around her cherished space, she wonders how her family has managed to remain rooted in one place for so long, amidst a sea of change , Delving further, Khwaish shares the virtues of her residence. Convenience is its hallmark, with a metro station just a stone's throw away and an abundance of supermarkets within easy reach , Her commute to Business Bay is a mere 10-minute drive, a daily journey that skirts the notorious rush-hour traffic.

Revitalizing Residences: Khwaish Adnani's Building Evolution

Reflecting on the past, Khwaish recounts the transformation her building has undergone. Having stood for nearly three decades, it recently witnessed a renaissance under new management , What was once an aging establishment is now adorned with modern amenities - a sauna, steam room, and a refurbished gymnasium. Even a squash court finds its place in the building’s rejuvenation , As the interview navigates the topic of rent, Khwaish confirms her conviction in the value her family receives. The rent, while currently at Dh100,000, remains competitive in the prevailing market conditions, a stark contrast to the Dh180,000 they were paying a decade earlier.

Crafting Home Comforts, Bridging Heritage: Khwaish Adnani's Unwavering Dwelling

Notably, Khwaish’s family possesses a factory specializing in interiors, which has enabled them to infuse their living space with bespoke furniture, meticulously crafted to suit each individual’s taste and needs , Her description of her neighbors reveals a tight-knit community, with an affinity rooted in their shared Sindhi heritage , This neighborhood camaraderie is palpable, with dinner invitations and child-sitting duties flowing freely among families , Amidst all the satisfaction, Khwaish confides a minor quibble. Her room's view, marred by the sight of an abandoned construction project across the way, is a solitary blemish in her otherwise contented existence , Unfazed, Khwaish Adnani remains grounded in her cherished abode, embodying a steadfastness that defies the ebb and flow of Dubai's transient rental landscape.

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