Dubai IT Worker Shares Dh15M Big Ticket Prize with 14 Friends

The UAE's Big Ticket raffle achieved a remarkable feat, creating 15 fresh millionaires in a single night, all thanks to a stroke of birthday luck ,Sakil Khan, a Dubai resident and an engineering co-ordinator at an IT firm .

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Fortunes Blossom: 15 New Millionaires Emerge from UAE's Big Ticket Raffle

experienced an extraordinary twist of fate as he split the Dh15 million jackpot from the most recent monthly draw with 14 close friends. This windfall comes as an opportunity for Khan to not only settle his debts but also embark on a new entrepreneurial journey with his portion of the winnings.

Fortune Smiles on Khan: A Birthday Choice that Rewrote Destiny

The stars aligned on his special day as Khan chose his winning numbers on his own birthday. This serendipitous decision rendered the jackpot a cherished gift that would forever be etched in his memory. The group, whose ties have been further cemented through their participation in the long-standing draw since 2015, can now look forward to life's possibilities with renewed vigor , Khan, shedding light on his unique strategy, revealed, "Usually, I select raffle ticket numbers randomly. This time, though, I purchased the tickets on my birthday and really thought hard about the numbers I chose."

Unexpected Triumphs: From a New Jeep Owner to a Transformative Legacy

Parallelly, the spotlight also shone brightly on Mintu Chandra, a Bangladeshi national residing in Al Ain, who clinched victory in the separate Jeep Series draw. Working at a hair salon, Chandra's life took an unforeseen turn as he became the proud owner of a brand-new Jeep Wrangler, courtesy of his win , Overwhelmed by the news, Chandra shared, "When I found out I won, I could hardly believe it. My brother was the one who first shared the news with me, and – along with a group of my friends – verified the win through the Big Ticket website. This has been the happiest moment for me – and for my wife and two children, who were so excited to hear I won." , The transformative impact of the raffle has been evident since its establishment in 1992. Conducting live draws every month, the raffle bestows a grand Dh15 million top prize alongside additional cash rewards spanning Dh20,000 to Dh100,000. The raffle's legacy of changing lives continues to unfold with each draw, serving as a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless individuals.

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