driving laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Concepts of the traffic system in Saudi Arabia

The traffic system contains a set of concepts that may be ambiguous to many. The following are the most important concepts of the traffic system in Saudi Arabia:

  • The road is every avenue open to public traffic.
  • The path of the road (lane - avenue - line) is any part of the transverse parts into which the river of the road is divided and its width allows the passage of one row of successive vehicles whether or not it is specified by longitudinal marks on the road surface.
  • The road shoulder is a part of the road adjacent to its river on one or both sides, intended for vehicles to stop.
  • An intersection is every convergence, encounter, or branching of roads on one or several levels, and includes the entire area that is formed as a result.
  • A free-moving road means a road that is entered or exited through designated entrances and exits, and does not directly serve the properties adjacent to the road.
  • The service road is the river of the road adjacent to the road (free movement) and serves the immediate neighboring properties.
  • Reflectors are any reflective material placed on the road as one of its signs or placed at the edges or sides of the vehicle so that it can be seen from a suitable distance.
  • Signs are everything that is erected on the road, such as signs, signs, and others.

Weights according to what was decided by the traffic system in Saudi Arabia?

The weights by definition of the traffic system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are:

  • Curb Weight: The weight of the vehicle when it is equipped with its fuel, maintenance and repair machinery, and spare tools.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: The empty weight of the vehicle plus the load, driver and passengers.
  • Net weight (load): The difference between the gross and tare weights.
  • Axial Weight: Partial weight of the load on one axle.

Driving licenses in Saudi Arabia

Returning to the driving legislation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is prohibited for any person to drive any vehicle before obtaining the necessary driving license in accordance with the provisions of this system and its regulations. The holder of a military vehicle driving license may not drive civilian vehicles except after obtaining a driving license from the competent department.

Types of Saudi driving licenses

Driving licenses are divided according to the traffic system in Saudi Arabia into:

  • Private driving license.
  • General driving licence.
  • Public works vehicle driving license.
  • Motorcycle driving license.
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