Delhi Customs Seize $337,000 Worth of Smuggled Gold from Dubai

Authorities in Delhi apprehended a group of Indian citizens upon their arrival from Dubai after they attempted to smuggle gold worth nearly $337,000 into the country.

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Delhi Authorities Arrest Indian Citizens for Gold Smuggling from Dubai

Customs officials at Indira Gandhi International Airport seized 6.5 kilograms of gold bars, and images of the substantial haul were shared on Thursday. While Dubai imposes no fees on exporting gold, India levies a 10.5 percent goods and service tax on imported pure gold. The three suspects sought to evade approximately $35,000 in taxes by smuggling the gold ingots on an undisclosed flight from Dubai. This incident adds to the ongoing issue of airport officials regularly intercepting gold from passengers in an effort to circumvent duty payments.

Seizure of Smuggled Gold at Delhi Airport Exposes Tax Evasion Attempt

A significant quantity of smuggled gold was intercepted at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, leading to the arrest of Indian citizens arriving from Dubai. Customs officials confiscated 6.5 kilograms of gold bars, valuing close to $337,000. The suspects had intended to evade the 10.5 percent goods and service tax imposed on imported pure gold in India by smuggling the precious metal ingots on an undisclosed Dubai flight. Their motive was to avoid paying approximately $35,000 in taxes. This incident sheds light on the frequent occurrence of airport officials intercepting gold from passengers as part of their efforts to evade duty charges.

Crackdown on Gold Smuggling: Delhi Authorities Apprehend Dubai-Delhi Flight Passengers

In a major crackdown on gold smuggling, Delhi authorities took action against passengers arriving from Dubai on a flight as they attempted to sneak in a significant quantity of gold. At Indira Gandhi International Airport, customs officials seized 6.5 kilograms of gold bars, with an estimated value of nearly $337,000. Smuggling the gold was an attempt to avoid the 10.5 percent goods and service tax levied on pure gold imports in India. By evading taxes worth approximately $35,000, the suspects hoped to reap illegal gains. Such incidents highlight the continuous efforts of airport officials to detect and intercept gold smugglers, who employ various tactics to evade customs duties.

Increased Vigilance: Delhi Airport Authorities Bust Gold Smuggling Attempt

Delhi airport authorities have heightened their vigilance following the recent arrest of individuals arriving from Dubai on suspicion of gold smuggling. During routine screening, customs officials discovered and seized 6.5 kilograms of gold bars, valued at nearly $337,000, from passengers on an undisclosed flight. The suspects had attempted to evade India's 10.5 percent goods and service tax on imported pure gold by smuggling the precious metal. This incident exposes a prevalent trend of individuals attempting to avoid duty payments, prompting airport officials to intensify their efforts in profiling passengers and conducting thorough inspections to curb such illegal activities.

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