crcs sahara refund portal apply online

CRCs Sahara Reimbursement Site is a system designed to assist individuals who are eligible for reimbursements from Sahara Team with the reimbursement process. This website provides a straightforward and practical online application for reimbursements. The effort aims to enhance the reimbursement procedure and ensure that qualified individuals receive prompt reimbursements.

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crcs sahara refund portal apply online

What Is Profitable?
According to information provided by Financial Express, the CRCs Sahara Reimbursement Site is intended to benefit individuals who have purchased various Sahara Group plans and are eligible for reimbursements based on High Court orders.

Exactly Online: How to Use It
The reimbursement process on the CRC's Sahara Reimbursement Site is uncomplicated. As stated on, follow these procedures:

Proceed to the CRC's Sahara Reimbursement Site's primary page.
The "Apply Online" link on the website.
Complete the request for information precisely.
Upload the specified essential records.
Submit your registration.
Who may submit a reimbursement claim on the CRC's Sahara Reimbursement Site?
A: According to Economic Times, purchasers of Sahara Team's plans who are deemed eligible for reimbursements by the High Court can request a refund through the portal.

How long does it take to receive a reimbursement?
A: The duration for reimbursement processing may vary. It is recommended to regularly check the status of the reimbursement application as well as the portal for any updates.

What documentation is required to submit a request for reimbursement?
A: The required documentation may vary based on the individual's investment and reimbursement eligibility. As stated by Times Now News, it is essential to provide accurate and valid documentation to support the reimbursement claim.

How can I contact the CRCs Sahara Reimbursement Site for assistance?
A: Contact information is available on the CRC's Sahara Reimbursement Site homepage for any inquiries or assistance.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, launched the 'Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS)-Sahara Refund Portal' on Tuesday in New Delhi. This initiative is in response to a March 29 Supreme Court ruling that directed the transfer of Rs. 5,000 Crores from the "Sahara-SEBI Refund Account" to CRCS for disbursement to authentic Sahara Group depositors.

crcs sahara refund portal apply online

How to apply on CRCS Sahara Refund Portal?

Step 1: Open CRCS Sahara Refund Portal: Investigate or CLICK HERE

Enter your 12-digit Membership Number, the last four digits of your Aadhaar Number, your 10-digit Aadhaar-linked Mobile Number, and the Captcha to register as a depositor. Then, hit "Get OTP."

Step 2: Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number associated with Aadhaar and conclude the registration process.

Step 3: Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar number, your 10-digit Aadhaar-linked mobile number, and the Captcha on the depositor authentication screen. Click "Get OTP."

Fourth step: enter the OTP.

Step 5: Provide your consent when prompted by Aadhaar after logging in. Accept the terms and conditions on the following page by selecting "I agree."

On the Personal Details page, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and select "Get OTP." You will receive the OTP on the mobile number associated with Aadhaar.

Enter the OTP and then select "Verify OTP."

Step 8: After verifying the OTP, your Aadhaar user information, including your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Father/Husband Name, will be displayed.

Optionally, you can enter your email address and select "Save Email" before clicking "Next."

Enter the information that appears on the Certificate of Deposit.

Click "Submit Claim" in Step 11 to observe the details in the grid below. Here, you can post multiple claim requests.

Once all claim details have been input, the pre-populated claim request form will be generated. Please ensure that all claims are entered prior to producing the form, as they cannot be modified or added afterward.

Step 13: Affix your most recent photo and sign the form alongside the photo.

Step 14: On the "Upload Document" interface, upload the claim form and a copy of your PAN card. (A PAN card is required for claims of 50,000 or more.)

The maximum file size for the signed claim request form with photo and PAN card is 12MB and 50KB.

Step 15: A thank you page with a claim request number will appear. Note the number of the claim request for future reference.

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