Cop28: Putting Food and Agriculture at the Core of Climate Change Batt

The upcoming Cop28 climate summit is set to give priority to addressing the critical issues of agriculture and food production. Mariam Al Mheiri, the Minister for Climate Change and Environment, unveiled the comprehensive "food systems and agriculture agenda" for the summit, focusing on four key areas: empowering national leadership, involving diverse non-state actors, driving innovation, and increasing financial support.

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Agriculture and Food Production in the Spotlight at Cop28

Ms Al Mheiri's agenda launch occurred during the UN Food Systems Summit in Rome, marking a significant push for the cause within the Cop process. She urged governments to sign the inaugural "leaders' declaration on food systems, agriculture, and climate action." The declaration calls for integrating climate-focused plans with nationally determined contributions, biodiversity strategies, and adaptation plans to combat climate change's adverse effects.

Cop28's Call for Enhanced Action on Food Systems and Collaborative Partnerships for Climate Solutions

In line with the four pillars, Cop28 will call for enhanced action on food systems by governments worldwide. Additionally, it seeks to forge partnerships with non-state actors, including businesses, cities, financial institutions, civil society, indigenous people, academia, and other societal segments, to seek innovative solutions. Emphasis will also be on scaling up financial support to facilitate the necessary changes , Food production, packaging, and consumption practices have a significant environmental impact, accounting for about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions, 70 percent of global freshwater usage, and contributing to biodiversity loss. Cop28 aims to address these issues by promoting renewable energy adoption and implementing climate-resilient practices, such as using heat-tolerant crops and adopting efficient water usage.

Food, Agriculture, and Water at the Heart of Cop28: UAE's Commitment to Climate Action

To drive progress, Cop28's presidency will unite businesses, farmer organizations, and other non-state actors, engaging them in the agricultural process from production to consumption and finance. An initiative promoting regenerative agriculture will be launched, emphasizing procurement and investment commitments in large food landscapes ,Cop28 will dedicate a thematic day to food, agriculture, and water, further consolidating action on the pressing issue. The UAE and the US have already launched the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate) at Cop26, signaling global cooperation in preparing the agricultural sector for climate change , Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Cop28 President-designate, shared the summit's vision, emphasizing four key pillars: fast-tracking the energy transition, addressing climate finance, prioritizing people's well-being, and fostering inclusivity. Limiting global warming to 1.5°C is a central goal for Cop28, aligned with the UAE's commitment to cut emissions by 40 percent this decade.

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