Conditions for renting a car in Saudi Arabia 2023

Car rental conditions in Saudi Arabia 1445, conform to the laws and instructions of the General Transport Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including car rental and licensed brokers, and we will talk in this article about car rental in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Conditions for renting a car in Saudi Arabia 2023

In order for a person who is a citizen or resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be permitted to sign a rental contract with a vehicle rental company located inside the Kingdom, a set of requirements have been chosen that must be satisfied.

Among these requirements are the following:

  • The tenant must carry a valid identification document, whether it is a national identity card or a passport.
  • The renter must have a valid driver's license that is valid for the duration of the vehicle rental period.
  • That the crime record of the rented person be free of any crimes.
  • The tenant must be in good health and not suffer from any communicable diseases.
  • Is the tenant a drug and alcohol abuser?
  • The lessee decides to rent the car for at least one full day.
  • The renter must comply with the conditions specified in the car insurance policy and the insurance coverage stipulated

Conditions for canceling the car rental contract in Saudi Arabia 2023

The rental vehicle business has the right to take actions to stop or reclaim its car from the renter via the related official authorities by paying the expenses of retrieving the automobile from the renter, and they do not need to provide the renter any prior notice to exercise this right.

The following are some of the situations in which this right may be exercised:

  • If the lessee does not return the vehicle at the appropriate time specified in the lease.
  • When the user performs activities not permitted in the rental contract while using the vehicle.
  • In the event that the car rental company discovers that the renter provided inaccurate information during the conclusion of the contract.

Car rental conditions link in Saudi Arabia 1445

Reviewing the General Regulations for Regulating automobile Rental Activity and Rental Brokers published by the Public Transport Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will provide you with access to a wealth of additional information and specifics on the terms and circumstances of automobile rentals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The rule is broken up into eight different chapters, and each chapter covers a number of different topics. Additionally, each chapter has a schedule of infractions and the punishments that are linked with those crimes.

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