Close apps running in the background on Android

Find out how to instantly close apps, stop apps from running in the background, and find the best Android tools to close apps. fix the problem with stopping Android phone apps, apps running in the background, closing them, keeping them from getting stuck, and ending Android apps. In the background. Android background apps can be shut down by the device settings or by other apps.

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What apps are active in the background

It refers to a group of programs that are never used but still run in the background, doing things like updating, sending out messages, taking in data, and other similar tasks.

You need to protect the battery and make it work better because running more apps in the background uses up the device's resources, causes the device to warm, and makes the battery charge less well.

How to find out which apps are running in the background

To save your device's resources and energy, you need to know which background apps are running.

Clicking the navigation icon at the bottom right of the screen lets you see which Android apps you launched and left open.

The easiest approaches to identify background programs that use device resources are:

Way 1:

Go to your device's settings, then system, then developer.
Go to running services to see background apps, memory use, and running time.
You can also see which applications are draining your battery.
From the settings page, pick the battery, and from there you may look for background apps that use battery power and memory and consider closing them.

Second way

Use the battery optimization tool to disable background apps on your smartphone.
Go to settings then apps.
Choose Battery Optimization from the top or bottom Settings icon.
Select all apps in the battery optimization pane. All your apps will display. You may choose all or input individual programs and choose to enable optimization to prevent them from operating in the background and eating battery power.


The third method

It is to use the application manager and it must be used to close applications that are running in the background even if they are not open.

Using the application manager will enable you to kill the activity of applications that drain your device’s resources, which you can select from the previous paragraph and close them by following these steps:

Go to Settings, you will find an option with one of the following labels, Applications and notifications, Manage applications, Application manager, or you will find an option under the label Flag, and from it you will find the Applications tab.
You will find the All Apps option, which is a list of all the apps on your device. You have to search for the app that is causing you trouble working in the background.
When you find it, you have to click on it, and when a window opens with application information, you must choose to force stop.
You can at any time open the stopped application and work on it normally.
You can also uninstall the application from here if you find that it is not necessary for it to be on your device.

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