Car Protection Tips for UAE's Summer Heat

Every year, residents of the UAE are reminded of the importance of taking necessary precautions to protect their cars from the scorching summer heat. Failing to consider the potential effects of extreme temperatures on vehicles can lead to serious consequences, ranging from cracked leather interiors and melted dashboard buttons to battery failures. Car owners must be vigilant to avoid these pitfalls.

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Minimizing Exposure: Keeping Your Car Out of Direct Sunlight

The most effective measure in preventing heat-related damage to your car is limiting its exposure to direct sunlight. Ryan Hughes, CEO of Dubai-based RMA Motors, advises car owners to park their vehicles in shaded areas or underground parking lots whenever possible. Additionally, using a car cover provides an extra layer of protection. Failure to do so can result in long-term interior damage, such as cracked leather and sticky buttons.

Investing in Window Tints: Reducing the Impact of the Sun

To mitigate the effects of the scorching sun, investing in high-quality window tints is recommended. According to Mr. Hughes, window tints act as a film that reduces heat and UV ray penetration. It is important to avoid purchasing the cheapest options available, as their quality may be compromised. Opting for a reputable tinting service, even if it costs around Dh1,000, ensures genuine protection rather than mere darkening of the windscreen.

Prioritizing Regular Maintenance: Crucial for Summer Survival

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is essential, particularly during the unforgiving summer months. Adam Withnall, CEO of car comparison company Drive Ninja, emphasizes the need to service the engine and air conditioning system adequately before the summer season. The intense heat puts cars under additional stress, making thorough servicing vital for their optimal performance.

Maintaining Proper Tyre Pressure: A Fuel-Efficient and Cost-Effective Measure

Mr. Withnall emphasizes the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressure throughout the year, with particular attention to the summer season. Properly inflated tyres not only save on fuel costs but also wear down more slowly, reducing expenses. Tyre pressure can fluctuate in extreme heat, making regular monitoring crucial to ensure optimal performance.

Enhancing Visibility: Addressing Dust Storms and Wipers

Driving in the Middle East during summer poses the risk of encountering dust storms, which can impair visibility. Mr. Withnall advises car owners to ensure their window wipers are in good condition and promptly replace them if needed. Additionally, keeping the washer reservoir topped up ensures a clean windscreen at all times, enhancing visibility.

Myth Debunked: Car Fires and the Summer Heat

Contrary to popular belief, cars do not spontaneously combust from prolonged exposure to summer heat. Mr. Withnall dispels this misconception, highlighting that car manufacturers design vehicles capable of withstanding high temperatures. However, avoidable causes of car fires include leaking fuel systems, faulty wiring, spilled fluids, and underperforming exhaust systems. Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing such incidents.

"Top Tips for a Safe Summer Car Ownership Experience

To keep your car safe and well-maintained throughout the summer, consider the following tips:

1. Install window tints to protect the interior from heat and UV rays.
2. Schedule regular servicing to ensure the air conditioning system functions properly.
3. Monitor and maintain proper tyre pressure for fuel efficiency and prolonged tyre life.
4. Park your car in shaded areas to prevent interior and exterior damage.
5. Ensure wipers

are in good working condition and maintain sufficient washer fluid levels.
6. Keep a bottle of water in your car in case of breakdowns, to stay hydrated while waiting for assistance.
7. Use a car cover to shield the vehicle and prevent excessive heat accumulation in the dashboard, making it more comfortable when starting a drive.

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