British Resident in UAE Wins Dh1 Million in Mahzooz Draw

In a stroke of extraordinary luck, Timothy, a 67-year-old British man residing in the UAE, emerged as the winner of a staggering Dh1 million ($272,000) prize in the latest Mahzooz draw held on Saturday. Among the 1,089 fortunate winners in the 136th weekly draw .

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British Resident Strikes Dh1 Million Jackpot in Mahzooz UAE

Timothy has been diligently participating in the raffles since May. Overwhelmed by the unexpected windfall, Timothy expressed his disbelief, stating, "Am I truly the newest millionaire? My family, especially my wife, still finds it hard to fathom that my bank account has grown by Dh1,000,000 overnight."

Gratitude for UAE: A Consultant's Longstanding Home

While Timothy's surname was not disclosed, he disclosed that he works at a Dubai consultancy firm and has been a longstanding resident of the UAE, considering it his home for the past 32 years. Expressing gratitude for the country he calls home, he said, "I feel very grateful to live in such a wonderful country. While I still need time to contemplate how to best utilize the prize money, my intention is to remain here in the UAE with my family for the rest of my life."

Title: Mahzooz Draw Awards Dh467,000 to 1,088 Winners, Including a Dh1 Million Grand Prize

The remaining 1,088 winners in the draw collectively secured Dh467,000, with second prize winners earning Dh20,000 each and third place recipients receiving Dh250 each. Mahzooz's weekly draw, conducted every Saturday, grants participants the opportunity to win the colossal top prize of Dh20,000,000 ($5.4 million) by matching all five numbers. Additionally, the weekly raffle ensures that at least one individual will walk away with a minimum prize of Dh1,000,000 , Since the prize structure update in March, Mahzooz has been consistently awarding Dh1 million to lucky winners every week, adding to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the popular raffle.

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