Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers , raw scan

Sarada breaks down in tears as a result of Shikamaru's frank admission that Boruto is to blame for the death of Naruto. Boruto is being pursued by Mitsuki, while Eida interrogates Kawaki about the drastic measures he has taken. The scenario becomes more complicated when Daemon gets involved, and then Sasuke runs into Sarada, who tells him of Mitsuki's plans.

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Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers , raw scan

It might appear that Sasuke has been influenced by Eida's strength because he views Mitsuki's reaction as being ordinary. Sumire makes touch with Sarada, and the two of them come to the conclusion that Eida is manipulating everyone besides them, including themselves. Sumire tells Sarada that Eida is to blame for the predicament, and she adds that they are the only ones who can help Boruto since they are the only ones who are capable of doing it.

Sarada is making an effort to persuade her father, Sasuke, that Boruto is not responsible for the death of Naruto. Despite this, Sasuke is still susceptible to Eida's influence and gives her the instruction to return home. As a result of this, Sarada activates her Mangekyo Sharingan and begs Sasuke to assist Boruto.

In spite of the fact that Sasuke possesses only fifty percent of Hagoromo Otsutsuki's chakra, he has been injured in some way. However, Sasuke is a smart guy, and he quickly realized that certain memories he has don't fit in with the way things are right now.

To give you an example, he was able to determine that Momoshiki was living within Boruto, despite the fact that his recollections suggested that Momoshiki was imprisoned within Kawaki. At the same time, Sasuke noticed his daughter supporting Boruto, which had a role in influencing his decision.

After Sasuke's arrival, Boruto is swiftly abducted by him, and the two of them discuss their history together with Kawaki and their win over Momoshiki. After Eida becomes aware of this information, she makes the decision to pursue Sasuke and Boruto. In the meantime, Momoshiki is adamant on taking Boruto's body, but Boruto is unwavering in his resolve and has begun to practice in order to face Kawaki.

Boruto and Sasuke leave the town at the end of the chapter to go through training in the hopes of rescuing Naruto and Hinata. Their mission is stated in the previous chapter's final sentence.

Boruto Chapter 81

Boruto Chapter 81 raw scan

The original story for Boruto was written as the source material for a manga, which was then adapted into an anime by a different group of individuals. Masashi Kishimoto is responsible for the creation of the series. The result of this is that the manga stays truer to Kishimoto's original vision for the plot than the anime does, which may deviate from the original path or incorporate additional material in order to make the story more lengthy.

Additionally, the manga is often shorter than the anime, and it may cover the same amount of territory in a lower number of chapters than can be completed in a number of anime Chapters. This is due to the fact that manga chapters are typically shorter than anime chapters.

Because of this, the manga may have less detail and go at a faster pace, but it also means that the anime has more room to elaborate on certain character interactions and aspects of the plot.

On the other side, the anime has the benefit of building upon the manga in terms of the number of scenes, lines of dialogue, and character developments that are included. This is the case since the anime has more room to work with.

Even if the Boruto manga may provide a clearer and more condensed picture of Kishimoto's storyline, the Boruto anime has the potential to expand upon and enrich the original material by adding new information. This could be the case even though the manga may paint a more precise and condensed image of the plot. In the end, it all comes down to an individual's perspective and evaluation of how they stand in relation to others.

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