black clover chapter 367 spoilers reddit

Black Clover, a popular shonen manga written by Yki Tabata, is getting ready to return from a weeklong sabbatical, and readers are looking forward with great anticipation to the release of Black Clover Chapter 367. Recently, spoilers have come to light, shedding light on exciting new advancements in Asta's skills as well as new difficulties for our favorite characters. On the other hand, the chapter has also stirred much controversy among readers, who are seeing parallels to a different well-liked manga series. Let's investigate the spoilers and see what kind of impact they might have on the tale if they turn out to be true.

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black clover chapter 367 spoilers reddit

As soon as Damnatio is vanquished, he reverts back to his initial form. He could not believe that the young man whom he had intended to put to death was the one who had come to his rescue. Just before Asta dashes out to find his colleagues, he verbally commits to waking up Damnatio by saying that he would do so.The Witch Queen immediately begins to heal the Black Bull members who are only partially alive. She attributes her ability to heal to Bird Girl, also known as Secre, whose magic was responsible for keeping them alive.

However, there is a price to pay for the healing provided by the Witch Queen. She loses the majority of her powers and, as a consequence, her youth; she begins to age immediately after this occurs. This could be due to the fact that the Black Bulls were dealt such terrible wounds that simple healing would not have been sufficient to bring them back to life. Instead, she had to employ some high-level magic in order to bring them back to life.

black clover chapter 367

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As the Witch Queen's influence begins to wane, she proposes to her daughter Vanessa that she take over as the new Witch Queen. At that point, Dorothy, the captain of the Coral Peacock, interrupts the conversation and suggests that she take on the role of the Witch Queen instead.

After that, the Witch Queen turns to Asta and inquires as to if he possesses a hidden weapon that can vanquish Lucia. A flashback takes place in this chapter, taking place in Hino Country, where Asta was teleported to. Ryu, the shogun of the nation, approached Asta and inquired as to if he might teach others how to use his anti-magic powers.

Asta stated that it was feasible because he had previously protected Yami's sword from the Dark Triad's magic by encasing it in Anti-Magic during a battle. Due to the fact that he had previously transferred his Anti-Magic to an inanimate object, as well as the fact that Asta's abilities were shrouded in mystery, Ryu reasoned that it must be feasible to transfer it to other people.

After receiving training in Zetten control, Asta had significantly improved his command of Anti-Magic, which gave Ryu reason to believe that he would be able to pass on some of his abilities to other people. He was also aware that the degree to which he would be able to properly transfer his abilities to another individual was highly dependent on the chemistry that existed between the two of them.

The action returns to its usual place and time in the current day. When Asta pulls out his Demon Slasher Sword, he bestows his powers upon his allies and helps them succeed. At the end of the chapter, all of the Black Bull members are seen flying toward Lucius while cloaked in anti-magic and wearing wings.
The Recent Disclosure Concerning Asta, as well as the Controversy

After arriving back in the present, Asta draws his Demon Slasher Sword and takes a decision that will change the course of history. He makes the decision to impart his anti-magic abilities upon his fellow Black Bull companions. As a direct consequence of this, every member of the Black Bull has been equipped with antimagic and wings in preparation for their battle against Lucius.

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