black clover chapter 362

Have you completed reading chapter 361 of Black Clover and eagerly await the Black Clover Chapter 362 spoilers, release schedule, and recap to satisfy your curiosity without having to wait for the official chapter release? Fortunately, we are returning to a regular release schedule after a lengthy hiatus, meaning we won't have to wait for long. In the meantime, we will provide you with Black Clover Chapter 362 spoilers and raw scans as soon as they become available, ensuring your questions are answered promptly.

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black clover chapter 362

The chapter opens with the King expressing his confusion about the situation but emphasizing the need for protection. The citizens recognize Lucius as the Wizard King, Julius, and believe him to be the enemy. They speculate that Julius's absence was because he was on the side of the enemy. Buildings continue to crumble, and despair looms among the people.

Marx addresses the citizens using his magical abilities. He recalls a moment when Julius emphasized the power of information and how his magic can be invaluable in certain circumstances. Marx informs the people that the enemy has taken control of Julius's body. He highlights the enemy's immense power and the citizens' bravery in defending the kingdom. Marx showcases Yuno's previous victory over the Wizard King (the enemy).

Mimosa also addresses the citizens through Marx's magic. She introduces herself as a member of royalty and the Golden Dawn and introduces Yuno, emphasizing his possession of a four-leaf grimoire and his aspirations to become the Wizard King. She proceeds to motivate the people.

Sekke encourages some citizens to run while he engages in battle, but his bronze cannon is swiftly destroyed by one of the legless angels. In an inner moment, Sekke reflects on the difficulty of becoming strong and expresses his determination to be like Asta.

Mimosa, while thinking of Asta, pleads with all the citizens, "Please don't give up!"

In Hino Country, Ryu uses his all-seeing eye to investigate the situation, as they are puzzled by Asta's delay in being transported. He realizes that everything is ready on the other side, except for one individual.

As the Black Bulls attempt to summon Asta, Damnatio makes an appearance, proclaiming, "Let judgment befall the evil that disturbs peace and order."

The chapter concludes, with no break scheduled for the following week.

Black Clover Chapter 362 Release Timeline
The anticipated release time for Black Clover Chapter 362 is 1:00 AM JST on Monday, June 19, 2023. To help you plan, here are the corresponding times for some common cities:

- 8:00 AM PST on Sunday, June 18
- 9:00 AM MST on Sunday, June 18
- 10:00 AM CST on Sunday, June 18
- 12:00 PM EST on Sunday, June 18
- 1:00 PM AST on Sunday, June 18
- 2:00 PM BRT on Sunday, June 18
- 5:00 PM GMT on Sunday, June 18
- 7:00 PM CEST on Sunday, June 18
- 9:30 PM IST on Sunday, June 18
- 11:00 PM ICT on Sunday, June 18
- 12:00 AM PHT on Monday, June 19
- 1:00 AM JST on Monday, June 19

You can access Black Clover Chapter 362 for free on Viz Media's website. Additionally, if you need to catch up on previous chapters before the release of Chapter 362, the three most recent chapters are also available for free on the Viz Media website. If you prefer reading on a mobile device, you can download the

Shonen Jump app, which allows you to access all official Shueisha Mangas, including Black Clover.

Chapter 361 of Black Clover begins with Yuno's triumph over Lucius, who appears to be lifeless. However, to everyone's surprise, Lucius emerges unscathed and reveals that his Soul, Body, Blood, and Bone Magic enables him to create countless clones of himself. As the Magic Knights begin to lose hope, Noelle reminds them that there is still a chance.

black clover chapter 362

black clover chapter 362 review

The chapter then shifts to a flashback where the Black Bulls seek assistance from the Witch Queen. Vanessa Enoteca appeals to the Queen, who confirms that Asta survived and is in a foreign land. Although the Queen claims that summoning Asta from such a distance is impossible, Dorothy Unsworth appears and suggests using the Door of Destiny spell, fueled by the combined power of the three strongest witches, to reach him. In the present, Vanessa, Dorothy, and the Queen activate the spell, focusing its energy on Spatial Mage Finral Roulacase. The chapter concludes with Asta, now prepared to return home, still situated in Hino Country.

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