big brother 2023 spoilers

One thing has remained the same throughout the first hectic weekend in the "Big Brother 25" home, and that is the fact that Kirsten is still the target.

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big brother 2023 spoilers

On Friday, Reilly removed Cory and Jared from the nominations for eviction, leaving Felicia as the only one on the block. She reassured Felicia that she has the votes necessary to remain in the game. Despite Kirsten's heroic efforts, Hisam was able to win the Veto on Saturday, and there are currently no plans for Hisam to use it. As a result, the nominations will remain the same, and Kirsten will be the first person to be eliminated from the game (or will she merely be sent to the Nether Region?).

In the meanwhile, it should come as no surprise that alliances have developed, and this particular cast is focused on providing security. Reilly, Jag, Blue, Matt, Cameron, Cory, America, and Jared are the members of the Family Style alliance, which consists of a total of eight players. Reilly, Jag, Blue, Matt, and Cameron make up the members of the Handful, which is part of that larger group. And then there was Crowd Control, which consisted of Reilly, Jag, and Blue. You got it? Due to the fact that the opposite side of the house has pretty much clocked it, the eight is not doing a very good job of keeping it on the down low.

The opposing side is composed of multiple coalitions, the most important of which is known as Bye Bye Bitches and includes Cirie, Felicia, Hisam, Mecole, Bowie Jane, and Izzy. The color red is found in the topmost layer, which is referred to as the Professors. Even though Jared isn't in them, we all know that he's doing good as long as Cirie is watching out for him. Both the mother and son are in league with Felicia, and both of them are, of course, continuing to collaborate with Izzy, who is aware of their arrangement. Izzy, on the other hand, has been putting in the greatest effort, and she is primarily focused on removing Cory from the situation, after which she will move on to Reilly and Jag. Do not fool yourself into thinking that no one has observed that she is prone to paranoia and feels the need to dump on everyone who is willing to listen.

big brother 2023

what happen in big brother 2023

There hasn't been anything really crazy happen yet, but the dynamics and alliances necessary for a split house are already in place.

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