american horror story 2023 release date

"American Horror Story" is one of the most successful programs that FX has produced to this point. It will air for a total of 11 seasons (and 123 episodes) between the years 2011 and 2022, and it has already won 16 Emmys. The courageous decision to extend the horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for three additional installments — Season 11, Season 12, and Season 13 — was made by the cable network in January of 2020. This makes it certain that the flagship show will continue to air on television at least through the year 2024. Amazingly tasty!

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american horror story 2023 release date

The plot, the actors, the premiere date, and everything else that is known about the upcoming 12th season of "American Horror Story" are detailed here. Save this page for future reference, as it will be updated with any new information that becomes available.

The twelfth season of the show will be titled "American Horror Story: Delicate" and will be based on the suspense novel "Delicate Condition" by Danielle Valentine, which will be published on August 1, 2023. This is the first season of "American Horror Story" to be inspired by a book. The narrative of the book is described by Amazon as a "gripping thriller that follows a woman who is convinced that a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens."

Filming Begins on the 12th Season of "American Horror Story"
Ryan Murphy has stated that production on the new episodes began in May of 2023. According to The AHS Zone, production of the program was temporarily paused because of a strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), but it was quickly restarted with Halley Feiffer serving as the only writer and the new showrunner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy threatened to sue Warren Leight, an East Coast strike captain, after Leight tweeted that actors would be "blackballed in Murphy-land" if they didn't cross the picket lines if they didn't cross the picket lines. Leight's tweet prompted Murphy's threat. The team representing Murphy said that the tweet was "complete and utter nonsense" and "unequivocally false." The filming of "Delicate" was formally stopped in July 2023, when the SAG-AFTRA strike got underway, as an update to this story.

american horror story 2023

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Our sister site, The Hollywood Reporter, made the announcement on April 6 that Matt Czuchry, best known for his roles in "The Good Wife" and "Gilmore Girls," would be joining the cast of the upcoming season of "American Horror Story." This news came in the wake of the cancellation of "The Resident," which was also produced by Disney's 20th Television. The name of Czuchry's on-screen persona is Dex.

Additional Cast Members for the 12th Season of "American Horror Story"
Kim Kardashian, who will play Tanya, and Emma Roberts, who will play Anna Alcott, were the next two celebs to sign on for this 12th edition of the show shortly after Czuchry's announcement. While Kardashian is new to the franchise, Roberts is a seasoned performer who has acted in a number of other films, including "Coven," "Freak Show," "Cult," "Apocalypse," and "1984." Cara Delevingne, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Odessa A'zion, Billie Lourd, Julie White, Debra Monk, Zachary Quinto, and Denis O'Hare were eventually revealed to be members of the cast.

Where do we stand with Sarah Paulson?

You shouldn't hold your breath waiting to see the actress who won an Emmy on "American Horror Story" any time soon. According to what she recently said with our partner publication Variety, "I'm always open to it, but I feel like I've been doing it for a long time, and people might start getting sick of me in that world." For a moment, you should step back and let someone else yell, run, and cry. That is also possible for other people to accomplish! Also, the functioning of my nervous system. When I was younger, there was a moment when I used to think to myself, "I can do this all night long." It's perfect!' Now I'm thinking, "Momma must be exhausted!" For those keeping score at home, Paulson has made an appearance in a total of nine seasons, the most recent of which being "American Horror Story: Double Feature," in which she played the roles of Tuberculosis Karen and Mamie Eisenhower.

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